Banks Runnin and a Hidin

Acc and Danske gone running in the last few weeks,
(HSBC Ireland last year too ) Maybe more as I don’t hear every but of news .

Is it odd timing that ACC and Danske obsconded as we start hearing of more and more possible bank Bail-ins , Deposit snatches etc from
seemingly official type sources?

Do they know something we all think we know ?

Wouldn’t a bail-in reduce the costs for the bank? I’m not sure I follow your logic.

Cleaning house in advance of new EU rules. I think the final sign off is due early next year…

Scandinavia Splits Over Common Bank Rulebook -> … eline.html

Stricken Banks’ CEOs Risk Ouster in EU Deal on Crisis Plans -> … nders.html

Brussels warns EU states over bank bailout loophole for creditors -> … ab7de.html

Eurozone plans for single bank resolution authority in disarray -> … array.html

What I meant was that if major banking event like a Deposit Snatch in Ireland and Bail Ins and the like were on the cards, then even from a publicity point of view that would be bad for any Bank Brand.
I raised the question because ACC and Danske announced exiting the market only within a few days of each other .
If there was something about to happen in the next few Months then maybe the top brass in the bank would have wind of it before your average Pinster.

To be honest I am just worried that any money I repatriate to Ireland ( Mortgage deposit during the buying process if it ever happens) will be skimmed while I wait for the deal to go through.

I think you’re reading too much into it. Both institutions had been winding down and have just decided it’s time to cut their losses and not worth trying to turn the businesses around. ACC’s parent in Rabo are still here to take deposits.