BARGAIN: NCR house is bought by Council … _1_2956526

Read this story earlier and had a quick look on Daft for a house sub 200k (i look almost daily so was surprised to hear this).
I could only find the following 2 (the first isn’t really NCR as such but literally beside the Shannon bridge and the 2nd is an apartment)

Now if sellers are accepting sub 200k for their advertised gaff of 300k+ i’d be even more surprised :open_mouth: :laughing:
Nonsense story from nonsense rag.

Houses are going in Fernhill which is NCR (i think)for circa 200k

I seem to remember there were 2 for sale there until recently.
The thing is they were the other side of the Shelbourne road which although maybe still technically NCR i wouldn’t expect too many eyebrows to rise.
It’s far enough away for “the bankers” to be cool with it.
Can’t imagine the house in question to have been anywhere else for 200k.