Barrett is back!


All the big Boys, all slowly coming back to the auld sod…and the IT is cheerleading them all the way

Welcome back Richard Barrett your country needs you
Somewhat inexplicably the Government do seem slow to take up his offer of help … -1.2528608

I’m not sure after reading that whether it’s a spoof/pi55 take of Barrett and his new found social conscience or if the IT are really that fooking sad.
edit: On a 3rd reading of this, I now get it…it is indeed IT sarcasm and black humour at its finest :laughing:

I heard Barrett on Finucane’s show at the weekend. I didn’t expect any tough questioning of him and I wasn’t disappointed. Marian and her 400k+ per annum :smiling_imp:


Yes but surely you heard the accent. Wasn’t that enough for you - do you not know your betters when you hear them? Marian’s panel were in fellate mode.


Barretts accent was very weird. When I heard him first I though it sounded like a 70 year old Tony O’Reilly…very posh, very grand and very old. Then I copped who it was after she called his name. Money really can change some people!


I was actually going to mention it yesterday in the Signs of the Recession II thread.


That is a glorious piss take.


Very amusing :laughing: