Bartra House, Dalkey - then and now

Sold for €2.47m in 1996 (around €3.6m in today’s money according to )
Now asking €3.9m.

O’Reilly seaside mansion in Dalkey for €3.9m … tml?via=mr

Read the article. Quite interesting to see that in 1996 this house achieved the highest ever sold price at auction.

Puts the boom prices in context really.

Now on DAFT asking 4.5m?!

Has always been massive money. 4 million doesn’t seem that overpriced given mambo’s figures above.


Down to 3.9m on DAFT

Looks like the price drop did it.

Sale Agreed

Real quality stuff appears to be selling regardless of how expensive and I think this is a good example of strength of top end of market( priced well probably although clearly this is highly subjective :open_mouth: )

Similarly I think the 300 to 500k in scd is very active

Howeve a lot of stuff in the 500k to 1m and a bit is Not shifting anywhere near as well IMO, unless it’s d2/4/6

Something has to give, eveything starts falling again or an uptick in activity for the stuff that’s lingering on the market

It was never reduced.

Came on initially at €3.9m, then appeared on for €4.5m, but was always €3.9m on myhome as far as I know. Not surprised to see this sold with no reductions - more surprised that it took so long.

Say what now ?
It basically sold at it’s **1996 **inflation-adjusted price !
The upper end of the market has taken the biggest hit of all.

Check out DNG’s own HQ on Leeson Park.
Sold in 2000 for IR3.3M (€4.2M non inflation-adjusted/€5.8m inflation-adjusted), now for sale at €2.25m !

The high end of the market is down 70-80%. This is not new news.

Look at the sales on Ailesbury/Shrewsbury road to confirm.

More importantly very rich and well informed people are buying property (probably for cash).

Smart, ballsy people?

Sold for “just over 3.m” … 67466.html