Bathroom Company

Quotes i’m getting are high. Can anyone recommend someone they used? Involves refurb of main bathroom, en-suite and understairs toilet.

Ideally want a full package service as a lot of things on at present so organising plumbers, plasterers etc separately just isn’t an option.

You could just get a general contractor to do it, provided there’s no design or picking of tiles involved by them. Bathroom companies are expensive, you’re paying extra for the convenience.

Your better of using a contractor as janmc says.
I used a small builder for a wet room. All in all it came in 2.5k cheaper than the cheapest of 3 quotes I got of bathroom companies.
Bathroom co.s are more expensive as they have a lot of off site overheads.
I can pm you details if your stuck.

Please do

BTW thanks for the suggestion. How would using a contractor work exactly?

I’ve used the sonas brochure from usher bathrooms to pick most things I want (nothing fancy). Tiles to be picked at the weekend.

However I don’t have the time to purchase all the items (and make returns if issues etc), and even if i did i’d be worried the bath/radiator wouldn’t fit the space required.

I don’t need design as such more measurement, purchases and co-oordination to ensure it comes out as planned and to a good standard.

from what you’ve said though it sounds like bathroom company might be the way i’m forced to go due to time/work constraints

Kenny, you should have some sort of DESIGN to act as a basis of contract with whoever you employ - wondering if things might not fit does not sound, all due respect, very organised.
Have you no drawing made with your chosen fittings laid out to scale?
Are you sure you really have room, especially headroom, in the understairs area?
Have you identified where the drain and supply connections are to get accurate piping and associated builders work such as floor chasing or wall penetration plus all making good estimated?
Did your initial bidders come out to survey the place prior to quoting?
Sounds a bit loosey goosey to me and prone to misunderstandings (trans: money claims) if it’s not all b+w from the very onset.
Don,t forget extraction fittings and electrics as well.
Sorry - might be wrong - thinking of you and your dosh, that’s all.
Best of luck with it.

As Tis Meself said, you’ll need to make sure things fit. At the very least, get some graph paper & a measuring tape & sketch up the plans. I’m assuming you’re not moving anything? Just replacing like for like? Then get the sizes of the sanitary ware you’ve picked to make sure they’ll fit. Baths etc can vary in size.

A general contractor is who the bathroom company will employ anyway, so you’re taking out their profit from the price. Ask if anyone you know relatively locally has had work done & if they were happy. A lot of contractors are happy to take on small work if they have other work in the area. It keeps things ticking over for them.

(One thing I’d recommend to anyone who is doing a decent upgrade to bathrooms, put in a level access shower. Better to design for the future.)

Thanks for the input, as suggested the layout isn’t to change and the sizing issue will be sorted when we get people in to actually measure (we’re a while away from getting keys). I’m just trying to line as much stuff up as possible.

Just a word of warning re bathrooms. A friend of mine got a recommendation from a good friend of a guy to modernise her bathroom. This included replacing everything and getting everything tiled, including the bath panel. It cost about 5,000. Less than a year later she had a really bad leak that caused the downstairs ceiling to come away. When a plumber checked it for her, the other guy had apparently run out of the right pipes when he was plumbing the bath and put a u shaped pipe that wasn’t attached to anything. He had propped it up with a block. It eventually slipped and the pipe started to pour water everywhere when she innocently drained the bath. All of the tiling around the bath had to be stripped away and she just put an ordinary plastic panel back in it’s place. It’s worth keeping an eye on the proceedings yourself if you can!

If you proceed with a wet room type shower make sure you use a fibreglass tanking system before you lay tiles,and you require a descent fall to the shower trap which can be difficult to achieve in an upstairs bedroom.The waste trap for a wetroom is a larger fitting than your standard shower- 50mm waste v 44mm.
If you don’t proceed with the wet-room ,tank around the sides of the shower walls anyway and you can special order a shower tray with an upstand which gives you a much better seal where the tile meets the shower tray.