Battleford, Church Road, Killiney (-155k, -9.4%)

Sold for €901k (£710k) in 1999 … 51599.html
On “2/3 of an acre”.

Just dropped €1.65m → €1.495m … in/2894837
5 Bed Detached House 473 m² / 5091 ft², €293/sq ft
Now on “3/4 of an acre” - different EA, different tape measure?
No mention of an apartment this time.

Is it a different house on the same plot? Looks to modern to have been built before 1999.

Seems very good value to me. Further sign that the top end of the market is falling recently.

B3 energy rating would suggest a recent build.

House is almost exact on 0.67 acres (0.2711 ha) as confirmed by several past plannings.

We see this again and again with EAs not able to use the DLR planning site (or perhaps not believing that anybody else can - absurd).\ZYLABD~1\INDEXD~1\PLANEXTC\TIFF\808\00000006\1040K5J4.TIF

Still, over 5,000 sq ft. of modern build on 2/3 rds of an acre is not a bad deal at 1.45m.

In fact can’t be very far off cost of build (1m acre for land + 200 sq ft. for structure).

The ‘arrow’ design might be the issue here and the general external ascetic is only ok.

Compare Farnham Hill, Stocking Lane, similar size and age, but the look and feel is way better.

Still, Tudor Lodge across the road on 2/3 rds of acre with 6,000 sq ft. is asking 2.95m ?

Another price drop for Battlefford.
Now down to 1.345m.
Not sure what else they can do ?

They should call Elon Musk, one of his rockets is missing.

Their site is big enough to hide (and launch) one in.