Bayview Estate Killiney (-11.76%)

With seven 3 bed semi-d houses for sale in Bayview ranging from €315 to €225 I think what is going on there???
It’s not a particularly large estate… and the difference in prices is well nearly 100k!

2 Drops in the larger being 11.76%!searchView?f= … alse&t=ALL

Any ideas on WIW for this estate?

1 Bayview Crescent: €225 … lin/406974

20 Bayview Crescent : €239 … th/1616675

10 Bayview Crescent : €265 … in/1272315

17 Bayview Park: €270 … in/1775400

15 Bayview Close: €275 … th/1597527

38 Bayview Drive: €315 … in/1619354

24 Bayview Crescent : €315 … lin/291309

And An Post Precision Address tool confirms the address is indeed Killiney.

Bayview’s been around a long time, and a lot of houses modified/extended, so perhaps some price differences aren’t surprising. Misplaced seller optimism probably explains the rest.

1 Bayview Crescent: still €225 … lin/406974

20 Bayview Crescent : SALE AGREED … th/1616675

10 Bayview Crescent : still €265 … in/1272315

17 Bayview Park: SALE AGREED … in/1775400

15 Bayview Close: still €275 … th/1597527

38 Bayview Drive: SALE AGREED … in/621524/

24 Bayview Crescent : DOWN TO €270K … lin/291309

Is it not a bit odd that so many houses are up for sale in the same, small estate (Crescent)?

Pat Mustard must live there!

The price differences are only partially attributable to extensions/modernization. The part of the estate that is nearer to Killiney values itself more highly than the part that is closer to Ballybrack/Shanganagh.

1 Bayview Crescent: €225k … lin/406974

10 Bayview Crescent : DOWN to €225k as of today … in/1272315

24 Bayview Crescent : €270K … lin/291309

15 Bayview Close: €230k
k … th/1597527

Have a quick look and can’t see why no. 24 think they’re worth the extra 50K

Have viewed most of them and have been renting in the estate a while.
No 1 cresent when sale agreed at 193, no 20 went for 201, no 10 want 210 but should go lower. 15 close, is better orentation and has a longer garden.

The crescent is very close to the wwtp. Especially number 1, but the hole road has a permanent shadow in the back garden.

No 24 in the park sold at slightly above 250 but was in excellent condition.