Baywood House, Glandore, Co. Cork (-650k, -33.3%)

Dropped from 1.95m to 1.4m in 2008 … ?id=331026

Bought in 2010 (no sale price given) according to … 84900.html

Now asking 1.3m … st/1797796

Impressive views alright and good location in good weather.

I believe that this property is still very extensively over-priced. I guess right now a more proper valuation is about the 750K mark. But not much more than that. Maybe 800K with competitive bidders at an auction.

Don’t think that it will achieve 1.3M on private treaty.

One thing in particular is that much as though it has good sea and countryside views (apparently from the pictures anyhow). It does not appear to have water frontage. That’s an immediate de-valuation of 250K right there. If I’m really in with the jet set crowd from the UK or continent, I would be expecting for my own private beach or jetty at least or a shore where I could picnic at ease.

wow that is really overpriced. Know a fair bit about property in this area can’t see this shifting for more that half this right now.