Beacon south quarter, optical illusions and porkies

I came across this on this morning

That is the beginning of the thread, this is the last post

Does anyone know what an “unconditional contract” is?

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This is the optical illusion

You can view more images here

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Yes. Much bigger discounts will be available later.

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Oh, I’ve not had such a good laugh in a long time. Well done SouthOfDublin.

are you sure that neighbours site isnt AAM?

kevingh wrote:

Hi Aoifa
Thats interesting news to get on the day I collect my keys after a two year wait, makes my mortgage even scarier!

I suppose they would have to drop their prices at some stage - any idea which blocks the apartments are in? It seems like a good bargain for anyone buying at the moment!

Marie80 wrote:

Not the best news - I too am just after collecting my keys after a two year wait and considerably heftier purchase price! Put a bit of a dampner on things I have to say! Granted, the market has taken a dip but I was confident that our development was one of the few around Dublin that had held its value to some extent.

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Holy Lord where do these muppets come from?

come on now, if Ireland isn’t indeed different then surely you can at least see that her development is :stuck_out_tongue:

btw, agreed, muppetry of the highest calibre

If you look at picture 2 that southofdub has posted, you can see just how small the apartments are - look in the office by the doorway - there’s only three of four people in it, but they totally fill it. They’ve hardly any headroom.

Nurse, NURSE, it’s happening again.


That fake frontage is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen. This market has really lost the plot altogether.

I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

What else is this celtic-tiger-gone-mad going to throw at us?

I take it windows, walls and balconies are an optional extra at that price?

We’ve had a great old laugh at

  • ‘The Grange’
  • ‘Belmayne’

Time to add ‘Beacon South Quarter’ (or ‘BSQ’ for the more discerning pinster) to the list.

Damn, if only i’d have known about this as I left work.

I could waited for another Luas and jumped on the property ladder!
Damn, i’ve no doubt missed the boat on this golden opportunity.

As BB said, best laugh in ages.

Wow, that plastic covering says it all, that must a cost a packet to make and then put over the shoeboxes.

Have to say, the cubes are my idea of hell living - out in the middle of nowhere, piled on top of eachother and industrial estate traffic for fun in the mornings and evenings.

Horrific is the only word I can think of that accurately sums up industrial estate living at the edge of the M50.

Some morkeshing thing didn’t read their Judge Dredd ( very top) 8)

What would you feel like if this was yourself?
Maybe its a 100% Mort over 40 years at 10 times (Joint) salary

I’d hope that the kitchen (probably not included and purchased on a CC)
did not have a gas oven, i’d be to tempted to stick my head in it

Well hasnt the scramble by the gobsh1tes who “had to get on the ladder before we get left behind” proved that? I know a girl who paid €180k for an affordable housing 1 bed in tallaght, now there are 1 beds for €199k and she’s locked in for years before she can think about moving, all because she needed to get on the ladder

That explains why you never see any lights on in these new complexes… n there was me thinking they were all empty.

Imagine the snag list on the bugger :laughing:


well done

I’m surprised they didn’t put fake “Sale agreed” stickers across all those fake windows!

Brilliant work.

The perfect thread to show any friends you might have who are still in denial…

Thanks for the great pictures southofdub.

I love how georgep starts his post with

Turn that frown upside down, and get your f^%king wallets out you miserable shower.

Indeed, that’s exactly what it is. Ok, it’s not a smoke-belching-from-chimneys type of industrial estate, but it’s still an industrial estate. Next to a motorway.