Bedsit blitz -over 90% of flats do not meet basic standards

Dublin bedsit blitz finds over 90% of flats do not meet basic standards … -1.1373158

Not too much of a surprise

I’m surprised inspections are actually being carried out and that people are expected to comply with the law. That’s unusual in this country.

Well that part is a surprise allright

There must be at least one landlord, somewhere, who is:

  1. Illegally letting out flats unfit for habitation.
  2. Doing so knowingly.
  3. Strategically defaulting on their mortgage and pocketing their rental income.
  4. Ferreting away that income somewhere invisible.
  5. By definition not being tax compliant on that income.
  6. Being paid that rental income from the public purse via rent allowance.
  7. Renting a €50,000 property in Hull, Manchester or Newry for £200 a month whilst taking UK bankruptcy.
  8. Retaining a fine PPR that is beyond the reach of anyone.

…all of which gives me a nice warm glow inside.

Ah shure, ne’er a bit o’ harm in it

‘Bed sits’ landlords may pay less property tax than neighbours -Irish Independent

Chopping up a home and turning it into a squalid cash machine SHOULD be rewarded with lower tax, that goes without saying

Is there any real sanction though? Are the tenants just left there?

Why can’t they say 100% and be done with it. Did they revisit that crooked ex cop and his garden shed slum??? :frowning:

The Irish Times article mentions one of the streets targeted for inspection is Cabra Park in Phibsbrough, which by co-incidence is exactly where the self same individual let out the garden shed:


The documentary on the local authority housing list which was shown by RTE last Monday night (and was much discussed on the pin) also featured a landlord with bedsits on the same street. He claimed he was doing the state some service by providing ‘social housing’. Did this piss off the Corpo so much they inspected him? Hope so, I thought his bedsits looked grotty frankly.

I think that the fact that these types of places are finally being eliminated and stamped out is wonderful news. How long before some unfortunate individual was burned alive due to faulty wiring in one of these dives? At last some pre-emptive action!

Really? Some of these places are a god send for students and people who are a step away from homelessness.

Only because they are bottom of the pile. They will still be bottom of the pile but will be safer and more habitable, that can only be a good thing

Yes, true, they’ll still be bottom of the pile but it is best to see someone in some sort of accomodation rather than out sleeping rough on the streets. If they have to pay more money for better accomodation, they might not be able to afford it or simply think its not worth it, trade offs and all that.

A lot of these places made a lot of money for a rather ugly section of society and good riddance to them and their oafish gombeen owners, I say!
I often wondered what the ratio of tax from these landlords versus rent allowance to them was - there must have been, in effect, a huge state subsidisation of this murky sector over many years.

What ever happened to those big houses where people used to work on James St?

Go on, enlighten me.

Jimmy Connors agrees with you…

The man is a comic genius.

What a sick shit.

Pure comedy gold.who ever he is hes one funny bastard.