Bedsit blitz -over 90% of flats do not meet basic standards

What proportion of the tenants in bedsits that failed the standards imposed by the legislation have been given notice by their landlord to move on?
Have they been able to find accommodation that satisfies the criteria imposed by the legislation?
Are they now paying less/the same/more for accommodation?
If the state is paying your accommodation are you finding it easier, the same as always or harder to find a place to rent?

The revenue are also calling in their rainy day fund and are coming down hard on landlords for back taxes and imposing penalties.
Quite a few of these landlords are in debt and can no longer service the loans they took out in the boom let alone pay the taxes, the banks are also moving against them for repayment, another portion of the landlords are too old to continue and in some cases to pay off their taxes have to liquidate their assets in so doing taking more property off the rental market. With all that ex-rental property coming on the market you would think that it would be snapped up, but most of the people involved in that gig have been burned and can’t get loans.

Rental game is changing, are you ready to pick up the costs associated with it?

Never a truer word typed,the rental game is for suckers but yet they keep tryjing to jump on board the gravy train only to find once safely on board that its headed straight into a brick wall.

Very funny. Here’s some more. Particularly funny that none of the other contributors can see it.

Ummm. Is that entire site a parody, or are those nutters for real?

It’s quite funny parody, however, if you spend a bit of time with these old boys you will come to recognise the “Jimmy Connors” character, some of them do express some of those thoughts, I think the author has made a composite of them. Giving a lift to a long standing tenant like that in a Range Rover/Lexus/Mercedes is not out of character also a lot of these guys tend to be go ahead types who did not spend a lot of time in education, and that’s another aspect captured brilliantly in those pieces.

They will eventually so i’ll reprint the lot for posterity. Which sick fuck of a regular in these parts is prepared to admit to being Jimmy Connors the Irish Landlord (if only by private PM to 2Pack if you must) :smiley:

Jimmy started a new thread yesterday, perhaps his last. … php?t=2890

And which of you might be that Shark Trager perchance , the shotgun expert :nin ??

I hope not. :confused:

Case V Rental Taxes should not be seen as a “let alone” item.
It should be income
minus maintenance
minus service charge on apartment
minus taxes
= remaining amount for bank/landlord

I’m already “picking up the costs” of these chancers not paying their share of taxes

They’ve been “burned” because they hadn’t a clue what they were doing. As Mr Anderson has said - It is all about yield…and it always was.

As for access to credit, if they pony up 25% deposit and pay a nice juicy margin someone will lend to them. They need a reality check if they think they’ll get money off a bank nowadays without a lot of skin in the game themselves.

Sharky is a good sort actually. He’s one of the few who believes in paying his loans for starters. … -1.1385515

75% of multi occupancy conversions illegal

There will be profound, hard-hitting, major consequences off the back of this.

Hahaha. Just kidding. Of course.

Only 75%??

The old Jimmy and Sharky show is still ongoing over there, Sharky lets one off at the Pin and Jimmy ( bless him) backs Sharky to the hilt and beyond. Love it. :slight_smile:

Had to google Royston Vassey becasue it rang a bell…

Real name Royston Vassey (aka Roy “Chubby” Brown)

Also the name of the town in The League of Gentlemen.