Bellevue, Upper Kilmacud Road (-820k, -40.6%)

2004: “Guide €1.4m, Sold at €2.02m … 53864.html

Was 1.625m … ite=myhome

Now 1.55m … -14/334882

1.5m … XFDN451860

Young’s seem to have taken 30-50k off all their properties in the last couple of days.

While 50k off a 500k property is a reasonable reduction, 50k off a property at this price is miserable and won’t make any difference - probably needs a 20%+ drop to stimulate any interest.

now asking 1.2M

Link now gone.

I did find this IT article from 2005, where it sold for 2.02m at auction … 53864.html

Someone took a bath I’d say

Edit: I see Membo had mentioned the auction already