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So the future of the Northern Fringe must be looked at on the whole and that whole is probably decided between Fingal and Gerry Gannon .

Thanks ceo , great first post .

Yep… Fingal, Gannon and Dublin City Council. Belmayne is in DCC.

Thanks for taking the time to post Ceo, very informative and insightful. It’s great to hear about the park. Hopefully it will be a valuable amenity for the many young families who have moved into Clongriffin. Hope it works out well for you personally.

great post CEO, very informative and excellent insight

Ivor, I don’t think that it was Gannon that was “involved” with this bunch, however Gannon and Mulryan (Ballymore) worked in their youth with the same builder as did some of the guys who were involved with Burke et al. (they were close neighbours of Mulryan). This group have made a vast fortune in both of Irelands building booms starting with nothing in the seventies.

Has the belmayne news story been pulled from media for some reason?

I saw this post on the bubble tv thead and started wondering:

Anyway, I checked the link that was provided for RTE:

This is what I saw (click to see full size):
a blank article from what I can tell

so I put the full web address into google (yes, the full (click to see full size):
google must have indexed the page at some point, no cache of the page though

so I searched for the article title in google and I got search results (click to see full size):
and I got search results

the twitter result looked offical so I followed it (click to see full size):
I followed the tinyurl link on but it brought me to the blank rte article again

I remembered then that rte usually have the entire clip of their news online. You can see an example here from the 21st (click to see full size):
you can see the link on the top right where “You can watch the entire show”.

So, I opened the six one news for yesterday, the entire clip is gone. The belmayne story is gone from the list of clips (click to see full size):
this time there is no link on the top right where “You can watch the entire show”.

Kinda bizarre that it was exclusively pulled. It’s hardly more controversial than the other news from yesterday… is it?

I searched on google news for belmayne and got an evening hearld link aswell (click to see full size):

It seems to have been pulled aswell though (click to see full size):
The article now has a 404 - Page not found error.

I guess someone got annoyed about belmayne making the news.

the story is still on the IT website … 52735.html

When this was first mentioned this morning I thought it was just an oversight by RTÉ, but looking at the evidence Provost has got I think this is definitely worth looking into.

It could be either the developers or the Local Authority who asked or threatened to get this pulled.

An alternative explanation could be as simple as a Belmayne resident working for RTÉ pulling a few strings.

Certainly suspect though.

I still have the page, must be cached:

URL for blank real player clip was:


Excellent stuff markf909…

Complaints on the way from myself to the bcc…
Censorship of this sort is an insult to licence fee payers.

Surely you mean RTE?

Broadcasting Complaints Commission

Well the original link that appeared on the RTE site on Tues is still working. However I did notice that it was the second lead article for a few minutes, then it disappeared off the news pages completely by 7pm.

I also read the Herald article yesterday, which has definitely disappeared. I’ve actually noticed certain property-related Indo/Herald articles disappearing all the time. They still appear on the RSS feeds, but often the links will be broken and the site search will yield nothing. Most likely reason is a dodgy CMS.

Editorial Queries:

Doh :angry:

Just heard from a very good source that the plug has been pulled.

With Taggarts gone in the last couple and days and now this, it looks like the banks have finally been moved to action.

Can you expand on this?

Bless them for waiting until their shareholders had been 90% wiped out before finally starting to pull their finger out of their holes.

And keeping it so secret that even the people living there won’t know it’s bust.