Belmayne - LM Developments

And keeping it so secret that even the people living there won’t know it’s bust.

Did RTE say something specifically about Stanley on the 6.1 news?

Damien Mulley has blogged this here.

Should help draw a bit more attention to it.

Got a nice brochure through the door this evening on returning home from work, for Belmayne.
3 Bed House NOW ONLY € 330,000 ( was €420,000)
4 Bed House NOW ONLY € 340,000 ( was €450,000)

Big reductions - a smell of extreme desperation .
Move quickly - a “Limited Number” for a " Limited Time"

Im there. I saw the ad on six-one news during the week. Underground car park looks the clincher! I can lock my bike to the entrance gate!

If LM go under will they have to give back their award or can they still keep it?

Could someone put up some pics of the Belmayne adverts for posterity’s sake?

Just everyday scenes of typical ordinary hardworking Northsiders

When you have three chicks in your 43sqm one bedroom shoebox, one of them will have to sit on the table.

What’s for dinner this evening love?

And remember folks, it’s not Darndale - it’s Balgriffin.

Guys, if you’re gonna make up mock posters to satirise Celtic Tiger Ireland, the first rule is to at least make them believable. No idiot would believe those photoshops.

Must do better.

Last week posters were circulated to homes in the area offering drops of 150,000 euros on properties in belmayne.

On the other side of the road at one end of belmayne is Tescos (known as the darndale opera house).and at the farther end of Tescos is another development of several hundred apartments which have just been completed ,most of which are empty.
Directly across the road from belmayne and to the rear of the hilton hotel are dozens of new apartments unoccupied.

Most of belmayne is deserted…it would make a wonderful film set ,street upon street of empty houses tumbleweed blowing down the windswept empty streets.

crime is very high in the area …barely a few hundred yards from belmayne several people have been shot in the past year…some shot dead .

I’d laugh if I didn’t know someone on a 8x salary multiple mortgage living there.
Sometimes, even I just nod and agree that the recovery is just around the corner.

What were the old and new prices? Not circulated WITHIN Belmayne I should imagine!

They are genuine and from as late as 2007 Larry , now stop trolling !

Legendary Epic Fail

in fact

probably the “epic fail post award 2009” for the 09 pin awards this year.

I Pissed myself laughing.

Erm, I was joking folks. I think PartysOver got it, but not everyone apparently!

Can’t believe you caught 2Pack!

Time to use the :neutral_face: a bit more Larry!

I thought it was pretty funny


Charlie’s Angels :smiling_imp:

Interesting that the flats are shown with the curtains closed…protecting us from the view of the outside world in the area?


Its a dangerous area where crime is high.There have been at least a half dozen gangland killings in the immediate area within the past couple of years.
There are also two tinker settlements very close to belmayne.
The travellers in these camps are extremely violent and dangerous.There have been two court cases involving these two settlements recently involving drug smuggling ,violence and a shoot out .
The shootout case collapsed in court about six months ago,for the usual reasons …witnesses suddenly had amnesia.

I have viewed the apartments and they look reasonable inside but they are way overvalued despite a 150,000 euro reduction recently.

There is also a plan by the FF government to purchase over 200 of these houses and settle them with social welfare cases.
I am sure the people who bought there two years ago must wonder what evils they committed in a previous life to deserve what they got.

…oh yeah the houses and apartments have had significant structural problems such as major cracking in the walls appearing in the walls after purchase.