Ben Dunne on Seanie Dunne on TV3

Did anyone catch this last night, Vincent Browne’s programme? I thought that Ben Dunne said what needed to be said. His comments were very plain and to the point, but also seemed to make alot of sense.

He was rather funny about Sean Dunne’s predicament, making the point that it was symptomatic of the overall situation. Step 1 is to face up to the facts, ie quantify our situation or to put it another way mark down the assets to a proper valuation and then get on with it from there. He was not convinced that giving a state guarantee to deposits was such a good a idea after all.

here is the episode: … _episodes=

yes i saw it, i thought he was very good. i’ve never seen him interviewed before, but he seems pretty straightforward and sensible.

Ben made a similiar interview with Ursula Halligan recently as well … 171&page=2

when he’s not deranged on coke and hookers that is :wink:

Lets be honest here lads…

Coke and huckers will derange the best of us!!!

Yeah and he wasted the rest…

What do mean wasted the rest?

He’s a prudent business man who’s given a lot of people employment opportunities in Ireland.

As for the ‘coke and hookers’ comment, he made a mistake, owned up to it and faced the consequences, getting addicted to cocaine after the IRA holding a gun to your head for six days doesn’t seem inexcusable…

Have you never made a mistake in your life?

noun, verb, joked, jok⋅ing.

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fair enough

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Sorry, tallpaul, I thought the reference was ubiquitous:
“I spent 90% of my money on women & booze… the rest i wasted” ~ George Best

I thought it was ‘I spent all my money on women, booze and cars and I just squandered the rest’

I should have realized it was reference to that quote and taken it with a pinch of salt.

A lot of people wish they could say this but if George Best did say it, he was not the first. The Yale Book of Quotations has the following:

[Of the high salary he was receiving as a baseball player:] Ninety percent I’ll spend on good times, women, and Irish whiskey. The other 10 percent I’ll probably waste.
Tug McGraw, Quoted in Bert Sugar, Book of Sports Quotes (1979)

I was very impressed with Ben Dunne in that interview. Simple, clear and precise points. No bullshit.

I was shocked to hear that Ben Dunne had invested in a property (not his ppr?) purchased at possibly the height of the bubble. I would have had Ben down as very shrewd and someone who would have seen the bubble for what it was.
His gyms offer excellent value for money and did right through the mania of the Tiger. €210 for a years membership last year, 57c a day! No hidden extras just the initial payment.

He’s the same in real life. I spoke to him for a while the night Tyrone beat Kerry in the All-Ireland last September. He was a bit of craic as well but like you say, no bull.

Almost mesmerizing at this stage to hear someone talking so much sense.

Why isn’t Ben Dunne in politics and ideally as part of a completely new party?

Coke snorting, politician bribing businessman? Excellent credentials.

Ben Dunne did promise last June prior to the vote that if the govt put Lisbon to us a second time that he would run for the European Parliament.