Ben Gilroy, International Man of Action


The old Ben Gilroy page has gone missing. I was just going to remark that he cuts a fine figure on his Euro election pamphlet with that cudgel, er … hurley stick.

Then I saw there was already a “viral” video to go with it. And it’s already attracting parodies – the first scene here is an insert, the rest is the real thing …

Also picked up by Euronews:

And there’s a Twitter “storm”:


Ben is out on the streets, doing the rounds, just seen him, with jeeps and a video screen on the back of a truck, playing his hurley video on a loop.

How this is funded of course is another matter, those posters aren’t cheap either. His long suffering creditors would no doubt be relieved should they could get thrown a shilling in the unlikely event he does board the gravy train to Brussels.