BER certs

should 'nt all these houses/apts. have an accompanying BER cert advertised as part of the spec of the property?

I remember another post on Daft where the onus was on the seller or the Landlord to put the rating in, as you can see from below the option is there for advertisers.

Author: The Daft Team
Date: Wednesday December 17 @05:52PM

Did you know that from the 1st of January 2009, all property for sale, rent, or lease renewal must have a Building Energy Rating Certificate (BER)?

A BER certificate gives an objective scale of comparison for the energy demand and performance of a building. The scale from A to G rates how energy efficient your home is, where A1 is the most energy efficient and G is the least energy efficient.

For your prospective buyers or tenants, it will allow them to factor energy performance and costs into their comparison of different properties and into their ultimate buying or letting decision.

If you are a landlord and your existing tenants remain in property, then you will not be required to carry out a BER. You will only be required to have this done if you are changing tenants. Some landlords are deciding to have their properties rated in advance so that there is no delay in re-renting when the property becomes vacant. This is a reasonable strategy as the certificate lasts for 10 years. Others are engaging BER assessors to carry out BER on their properties when they are due.

If you are advertising your property on, there is now an optional field within the property description area, where you can list your BER rating and /or BER certificate number.

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Is it not be compulsory for any houses for sale/rent to display their BER certificate? Os it is a case of me contacting the EA or landlord and they will definitely have the rating since it is now law.


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