BER requirements since 1/1/2009

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I was talking to a guy today who is involved in the business of supplying timber frame to the building industry.

He told me that all new property must achieve a BER rating of B1 with effect from 1/1/2009.

The stock of unsold properties will by and large FAIL this test.

The developers assumed that all the units would be sold by 31/12/2008 and now these units cant be sold.

Could this be true?

He also said that most of the unsold apartments are now too small to meet the minimum size that applies from 1/1/2009…


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I think some other posters have speculated that that is why 51k homes were finished last year as the belief is that it is only homes that are completed after the new regulations come into effect that are affected by the BER ratings.

The apartment size rules only apply at planning stage, but you’re right it will affect sales values once some new larger apartments are built. Who’d buy a 27sq m 1-bed when there are lots of 35 sq m ones competing (or whatever the minimum sizes are). The people who’ll be most screwed by this are those who bought the small apartments originally when they try and sell them to move up.

Ask an Estate Agent about BER certs.

So far, a selection of the answers I’ve had;

“Oh, them, you don’t need one”
“The have been deferred until the end of the year”
“Yes, I’ll do one for you”
“Are you a solicitor?”

Blue Horseshoe

“We haven’t gotten round to getting one”

the linky to the detail of what your builder was claiming (correctly) is below for your information:

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It does look as though a B1 is the minimum standard which is a very high standard…

It is a high standard, but it can easily be achieved at little extra cost.

It should be remembered that it is the county councils that charged with the enforcement of compliance with BER certs. Now that development levies have all but dried up, it will only be when the councils see the BER fines as a revenue stream that will will see wide scale compliance. At the moment there are no signs of enforcement, if there was than all energy assessors would be flat out issuing certs as there should be a hump of demand at present with all houses for sale or rent requiring a cert. In fact what I am seeing is a price war between assessors to try and get what business there is, in my local paper this week for example there is one assessor advertising certs for €165 + VAT this time last year they were €300 + VAT. In the UK a similar cert is £40 - £65.

hmmm. I would say that that is far from proven !

Apart from anything else the BER cert system deals very unfairly with ‘passive houses’ by forcing an emphasis on having a ‘renewable’ source of heat, regardless of the actual need for one !

You really can’t compare the UK system & the BER cert, they make totally different demands on the assessor & its unreasonable to expect someone to price a job done in an hour, with one that ought to take 4-5 hours.

That isn’t to say that we we can’t expect so BER assessors to charge significantly less than others, but don’t be surprised if one bloke also offers to improve your rating in return for a backhander !

I assume most surveyors would be, if not officialy qualified as assesors, well able to evaluate the validity of a BER?
One more reason to have a proper survey done then?

It depends on how thorough they are, & how ‘creative’ the BER assessor was.

Lets face it, if the house has a tin roof & a howling gale blowing through the single pane windows, it’s not going to take Duncan Stewart (spit), to tell that it doesn’t deserve that A1 rating :slight_smile:

But if its the difference between a B1 & a C1, that might take drilling a few holes.

BER certs should be carried out by an ‘Independant’ assessor, paid for by both side in a purchase & the results sworn as a legal document so that any wrong doing would result in someone doing time. Don’t the Scots have a system where both sides pay for surveys ?

The current ‘Green’ disaster has just led to shit loads of EAs getting BER training so the can audit their mates properties & their mates & can audit theirs; no conflict of interest at all !

But does whether you get a B1 or a C1 rating really make that much of a difference?

I’ve just exchanged contracts on selling an apartment and I should be getting my BER cert this evening. The buyer, my solicitor, and the EA didn’t seem to care what the BER rating was, just that I had one.

Short answer, Yes, it does matter.

There is a strong possibility that the rating will form some basis for a future ‘Carbon/Green Tax’ in the future. You will always have to spend more keeping a C1 warm that you will a B1, that’s what the rating is tell you.

Frankly the EA & Solicitor don’t give a shit, because they don’t have to live in the house & pay the bills ! If you have a surveyor they should give a shit as they are your agent.