Berliners strip in protest at city's sky-high rents

:laughing: Any chance of this “taking off” here?

The rent table for 2009 is here in German (page 16) -> … el2009.pdf

From the piece:

€640 is a little above rent allowance level for Dublin. What a fucking joke this country is.

Not only are Berlin rents cheap compared to our own but, given their low property prices, the yields on offer can be well in excess of 10%.

I’m quite sure Dublin can justify its c4% yields based upon it being a true economic powerhouse. :angry:

No, a couple with one child or a single person with one child (i.e. someone looking for a 2-bed) is actually entitled to €930 under our glorious rent allowance scheme. 8DD

The rent is too damn high, German style.