Bernard McNamara Being Brought to High Court Monday for Debt

Bernard McNamara Being Brought to High Court Monday for Debt - Independent

The Commercial Court is a division of the High Court

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What else is on in the commercial court -

There is a big lot of banks on there looking for wonga. Mr Lynn is mentioned in dispatches also.

Thomas Byrne is also mentioned.

when does McNamara move into one of his affordable housing tenements now that he’s up to his eyeballs in debt?

Interesting that. Most of the developers are absolutely terrified of the publicity of debt proceedings.

Last weeks Bernard RUMOUR was that he sold 20 apartments in Elm Park to Johnny Ronan for 200k each.

Oh, and the RUMOURS say his helicoptor pilot was made redundant and he has separated from the missus and has bodyguards to protect against unpaid subbies.

This man makes for great lunch talk.

He’s been trying to offload the Ormonde Hotel as well by all accounts.

Of course for such a rich man, i’m sure he’ll have no bother paying off the paltry €7.5m he owes to avoid any trip to the 4 Goldmines.

Surely… :angry:

As this particular matter is sub judice I think we should maybe also can the general speculation on Bernard until after the case tomorrow lest any of the general speculation touch on the particular matter at an inopportune time !

Unlocked !

Well any news? … 25859.html

big house on Ailsebury rd for sale on the QT owned by a prominent developer

If we’ve learned anything, it’s that the best way to sell your house is not to tell anyone it’s for sale.

I hear Spain isn’t great for holidays this time of year.

As opposed to the small houses ?

Well that narrows it down :unamused:

ahhh no, in all fairness, I think I know who you’re talking about :wink:

Read the thread title, and boys you better lock it again.

No such thing as bad publicity