Bertie admits he knew houses were overvalued

A generation of young Irish people were asset stripped and sold into a lifetime of crippling debt while this country was under his bailiwick. Whether this was his intention or not, I’m not about to forgive him or his government.

Well he did say people had lost out if they had listened to doomo and gloomers and now would have to pay more as prices continued to rise.

They guys is a bi-polar sociopath with an equally “gruby” past.

A class act stand up kind of fellow 8DD

and he got the young to pay for the medical expenses of the elderly without even bargaining hard with the doctors.

sadly this generation wont see any politcal power because of the crippling debts

The Who’s Who 1984 Volume has no mention of Bertie’s LSE education. … -1984.html

^ The Dublin Skool of Bertienomics.

I wonder how many of his backhander, dig out, brown envelope friends profited from his decision to devalue the punt in 1993?

Why would it when it didn’t happen?

There …Enda Kenny, Bertie just threw you a big juicy bone now go fetch it yea stupid muppet… maybe you can build a campaign now.

Bertie may you live out your remaining days with galloping knob-rot…

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We need a rolling in the aisles laughing & crying icon !

I guess Brian Lenihan hasn’t spoke to Bertie given he thinks the EU are in part to blame for our housing bubble … 43749.html

I know it appears deep rooted in our politics but it just never ceases to amaze me how stupid these guys really are!! But then it also never ceases to amaze me how stupid much of our electorate appear to be…