Bertie Ahern trip to Brazil 2001. €470,000- 6 days 16 people

Original thread title: at the Copa, Copacabana

can’t see it online, but Bertie’s trip to Brazil in 2001 is briefly described in SBP

16 people visited brazil on a 6 day trip in 2001, including Ahern’s girlfriend, cecilia larkin.

visited rio, brasilia, sao paolo and made a trip to buenos aries, argentina.

private charter to/from brasil and local air taxi hire came to 350,000.

hotels in buenos aires came to nearly 16k. assuming that was for one night, that 1k/head.

some gifts. there is no info on hotel/entertainment costs in brazil.

total cost 390,000 + hotel costs in brazil. lets say 470,000 (assuming brazil also cost 1k/head/night)

that 470k at 2001 prices

i visited brazil recently - party of 2+2 for 21 days. it cost 15k and was fairly lavish, visiting 4 cities and staying at excellent beachfront hotel in rio etc. economy class airfare.

total cost 15k

the cost of ahern’s trip at 2001 prices was a staggering 4900 per person per day.

the cost of my trip at current prices was 178 euros per person per day.

that’s a factor of 27 greater cost in nominal terms, greater in real terms.

This is African dictator levels of expenditure. Indeed, just like a corrupt African despot, Ahern was representing a country where thousand of kids attend school in temporary buildings.

Obviously Fianna Fail have been making celebrations for much longer but Happy 2009 The year of the Banana!

Man 5k per day that works out as

How about get Bertie et al to pay it back or they become “deselected” - where is the outrage and accountability or standards in public office


Infacta some of de costs in hindsight might appear a little high

Infacta I was only doin me bleedin job. I hated stayin in dem fancy hotels. Dey made me do it.

Infacta it was de departments who made de arrangements on my behalf.

Infacta I never took a ting from any man.

Infacta everything I spent was within de guidelines. If it subsequently transpires that I may have inadvertently spent a bit too much den it is de guidelines dat were wrong obviously.

As leader, I accept credit for everyting an responsibility for nuttin.


Ah would yee fuck off with this expenses crap.
Every fuckin Govt in the world does it.
Its the sysyem here that is fucked up.
Go join a party run for office and change it

Difference is, when caught, they generally resign… in the developed world, which is of course, the key difference.

I read that in the Bertie accent thinking it was meant to be a joke. :frowning:


First two lines read like an FF Press Release.

that doesn’t ring true in my head for the majority of the developed world. you got any evidence?

I’m far more interested in why they went to Brazil and what they did there than in how much they spent on the trip.
Ditto all of Mary Harney’s trips.

From an RTE article in 2001.

Great find. Who needs Pravda when we’ve got a state broadcaster like RTE. Any follow up?Didn’t think so