Bertie still dealing with the taxman

And this Prick might yet be Mayor of Dublin or worse yet President of our little Banana Republic !

Given that The Revenue Commissioners have stated they were not made fully aware of certain aspects of Mr. Aherns income, which he subsequently claimed to be gifts, when they issued a 2002 Tax Clearance Cert, I would suggest that he is in fact not tax compliant.

Not only that, but a significant minority of sitting TD’s and senators have been at best shoddy in complying with their obligations to declare their incomes to ‘the Revenue’ and the Standards in Public Office Commission.

Ireland is a shining example of the old adage; “You end up with the government you deserve”. Those you elect are not only representatives for you but also representative of you.

Blue Horseshoe

Unfortunately, that Prick is probably ideally qualified to be president of our little fucked up ,tin pot, monkey food, gombeen excuse for a state, he embodies it perfectly.

That can’t be allowed to happen

You are right it can’t.

Ayone know where Ahern stands these days with the Revenue?

I enquire as a result of reading the lucky TD with his pensions and whatnot managed to win €10,000 in a lottery. Maybe he did win all that money on the horses years ago after all…

D’ont worry. It wont.

How about both. Jesus, that would put Mary “five pensions” Hanafin in the shade.

Expect to see plenty more of those lotto wins. Bertie is incredibly lucky. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has had other lotto wins in the past.
Some other well known northsiders in the past produced winning lotto tickets to foil the various arms of state revenue gathering.
This is the stuff of Father Ted. Or a namesake, Bertie Wooster. Farcical comedy.