Bertie thinks protestors are only in it for the fame

Anyone listening to Bertie being interviewed on Radio1 at the minute, it was on the street. A woman walked up to him complaining about taxes going up, shame on you etc. His response? I get this every day people are angry and they just want to get on the radio/tv.

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Fortunately not… I enjoyed my lunch and want to retain it.

Just wanted to vent about 1 thing:
Woman was saying “politicians get huge wages and pensions unlike ordinary people like you (Joe Duffy), me” etc.

Joe Duffy’s salary and pension provisions are ordinary now…

If you turn on Radio 1, you’ll get to hear Joe replaying it another five or ten times. Really going to town on the Bert now. Very sweet. Lots of anger/

Liveline listeners in uproar at Berties comments outside dail today

I love the way Duffy says we’ll replay the clip in case someone might recognise the woman, (not to whip up an absolute frenzy of hate against Bertie).

Duffy is doing a good job of turning D’ardinary folk against Ahern.

Mind you the same scumbag was singing Aherns praises for the last 13.

This is bloody great.

No one has pointed out that we pay Joe twice as much for an hour a day than Bertie.
Joe is whipping up a frenzy but they are both parasites.


Not to mention that Marian Finucane one.

Where was this uproar when the tribunal was going on?
How come no one has mentioned his tax clearance certificate?

Lots of emotion but little substance… sums up the whineline basically…

I think he has been turning people against Ahern and the rest of the ff for a long time. As a public broadcaster he has to appear neutral - this is difficult on a program that is filled with complaints against the government etc. If too many people are saying particularly negative things he has to balance that out by saying something apparently positive - if not he will be in court.

They’d be cut off immediately, bad line.

This is it, 1min 50sec in … One%20News

Ah, but this is the beauty of it. People switch off when they hear something they don’t understand. They don’t quite know what a tribunal is, and they think that not having a tax clearance certificate might be some nice wheeze, something an admirably cute hoor might do. He was mean to that nice hard working lady, and as such, they might not vote for him. Fingers crossed (I might be naive, and overestimating the nice people of Dublin, but hope springs eternal).

One poor misguided caller sought empathy with Joe claiming how out of touch with odinary working people like you and me…
Then went on to add how “we” aren’t going to get big pensions like him. Joe must be bursting with glee.

All you Joe Duffy fans - Fast forward to about 4.40 :nin

I thought Bertie’s comment was funny about people just wanting to get on TV or Radio

From the man who sat in a kitchen cupboard for a few hours so he could appear in an ad for the Irish News of the World

“…people turn up here trying to get on the TV or radio”

Bertie describes himself and his fellow TDs

Very good Foggus… sums it up perfectly…

I know it must be quite a strange little world in his head. Mind you he’s doing a great job of fucking up FF though, Labour and Finegael should hire him.