Do you think Bertie can brazen it out???

  • Yes, sure twas only a small sum…
  • Bertie’s a dead duck but the govt will survive…
  • PDs leave but Bertie stays…
  • FF change horses and PDs stay on…

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Whether, it’s the loan, the cash gift or the appointing your friends, what do you think???

Will McDowell stick it???

Et tu Biffo???

Dail Debate - 27/09/06

I think Mc Dowell will stick with it but I predict Mc Dowell wont survive the elections. Oh and FF will add the greens to the coalition after the election


Damn Im good

Irish Independent

John F Kennedy began the US involvement in Vietnam, we all know how popular that war became. JFK is held in very high regard.
Richard Nixon ended US involvement in the war - he is disgraced…


Any ideas on how history will remember Bertie?

As a genius who held power during the Celtic Tiger Era?

Or as a devious villain?

He’ll be remembered as The Gombeen Taoiseach.
The man who turned Fianna Fail into Fianna FAIL (Friendly Association of Irish Landlords).

The man who sold an entire generation into debt slavery that blighted their quality of life and ability to look after their own children. The only succor to be drawn is that it will be that generation which will write the history books.