Best Areas Cork <250k


Friend is looking to move back to Ireland and has got a Job in Cork.

250K + in his back pocket and looking for a house in Cork but doesnt really know the City.

Any suggestions of best areas with good rental yield should he decide to head off again?

Preferably a house.


Really depends on where he works and where he wants to live. Big range of prices in locations




Where’s the job?

Attractive future rental yield may not give him much comfort if he’s spending 2 hours a day in the car


Job is City Centre. max commute 30mins. Willing to take on a doer upper.


There’s a good few doer uppers around Ballinlough and Montenotte. These would both be walking distance to town (i.e within a half hour), the latter up a steeper hill than the former :slight_smile: Both are close to decent bus services, or a short drive from the city centre.

They’re good “old Cork” areas. Ballinlough in particular has good schools in case your friend meets a nice Cork woman (or has kids already).

A fixer upper would require the works. Tired but liveable (with poor BER) 3 beds seem to be asking in and around the 200k mark, leaving a few quid for renovations. Gardens tend to be decent-large considering the proximity to the city centre

He might also consider the following, which are all in the vicinity of CUH providing a strong rental market: ‘Farranlea park’, ‘Bishopstown Ave’, ‘Wilton Gardens’, ‘Laburnum’ etc. Other than Farranlea, prices might be a little higher than your basics in Ballinlough and Montenotte.

These are all very mature areas, the older suburbs close to the city centre, and since your friend is a cash buyer who’s not afraid of a bit of work, they are all good choices in terms of both resale and rental


Seeing as he is getting old and decrepit like me, are there any ‘student areas’ to avoid


Student areas are adjacent to UCC (Western road, College road, Magazine road, Donovan road) and CIT (Rossa Avenue & Curraheen). Bear in mind that both colleges are towards the west of the city but there’s some lovely houses around there too (Mardyke, Bishopstown, etc) so they shouldn’t rule out places just because they are within a km or two of either college.


One thing to note is that a large portion of Cork is really just middling. I don’t remember, and still don’t experience, any ranking of areas the way people look at Dublin.

There’s a few posh areas, a few rough areas, and most other locations are middling. They are priced according to popularity or amenities. The area around Douglas village, for example, can be popular because there’s a nice village with restaurants and bars to an extent that isn’t replicated within or close to the city boundaries. But Douglas isn’t in my experience regarded as more ‘upmarket’ than, say, Bishopstown. It just gets a premium for having an alternative to going to town, and being well serviced in general. Good schools are found throughout the city, and I’m not aware of any panic over places within a particular area.

There’s a much better relative standard of living for a regular ‘professional’ in Cork. I guess there isn’t anywhere near the proportion of execs/professionals/senior civil servants/wealthy business owners, to regular employees, as you’d find in a capital city like Dublin. There’s a scoffed at ‘south mall’ class, for sure, but they’re pigeon-holed to a couple of good areas and not driving up ordinary 4 bed semis to mad levels all over the city (recent nationwide madness notwithstanding).

Houses in Cork aren’t cheap, but two professionals can buy a good place in a good area on a regular wage. And if your wage is a little lower, you can buy in a good satellite town which is within 7-15km of the city centre without a big commuting hit.

All the people that come on here saying: “My wife works in FOO and I work in BAR, we should be able to buy in a good area, with our combined FOOBAR salary” would have a much better standard of living in Cork. My wife and I are actively planning to move back for that very reason and I’m glad we have an alternative in Cork, a city we have a connection to which we can move back to. I feel sorry for some Dub couples of our circumstances, the less pragmatic of whom are trapped under the weight of a self-perpetuating league table of Dublin suburbs.


Maybe if your mate wants something slightly different … ty/2590356


Same boat.

Totally disillusioned with ever affording Dublin prices. Cork connection is pulling me there at some point.

In Cork a couple can get an ok house on decent, but not big salaries.

Depends where really. Most houses and areas may be midling, but there is still low supply out in Cork and the nicer houses do go for a premium.

For instance, I’ve had an rss feed going on daft and myhome past two years for 3 bed semi under 350K in Blackrock, Ballinlough, South Douglas Road, Ballintemple. I’ve only had perhaps a dozen hits in all that time (for non kips).


Supply would always be constrained somewhat in ‘old cork’ areas though, limiting you to executor sales in this market. You can certainly get a fixer upper in Ballinlough for under 250. Mrs JammyB lived in the area growing up and I’ve always been a fan so we’d be drawn to similar areas as you. The reality is that for older areas like those mentioned, houses mostly will become available as people die. Where houses have been through the big 50-100K upgrade, a lot of the time the market will pay for it (perhaps even with a premium), because those without upgrades require so much work.

It’s the same for any old suburb, you have to expect to do modernising, or be at the mercy of high-bidding couples for turnkey properties


thanks for all the replies, this one looks interesting
Seems to be plenty of potential good properties close to the city centre for a reasonable price.


Yep the prices for a decent house versus Dublin are a bit of an eye opener couldnt agree more with Jammy and the Jackel.Keep us posted on your thoughts as your search goes on, anything else you want to know throw up a thread. I took a long time for me to find the right house but I did find it


Case by case basis for me. Some I would consider, others no way.

I like some parts of Mt Oval but its limited to Dewberry or Clarkeswood and all of Mt Oval suffers from poor build quality and small overlooked gardens, would rather ‘old’ Rochestown if possible, Newlyn Vale, Kiltegan etc


Bear in Mind that some of Cork is at risk of subsidence, other area’ at risk of flooding,
As they are uninsurable risks it excludes mortgage buyers.


The flat Area’s south and east of the city centre are most at risk, they are built on limestone. Some of balincolig is too, I heard that houses built pre 1980 in balincolig cannot be insured for subsidence,


Not sure about Ballincollig, subsidence risk run from Bishopstown back through Glasheen, Togher into the City Centre. when we bought here we had a microcamera sent down all the drains, older houses with clay type waste pipes are at particular risk,doesnt seem to be such a problem on the Northside

Have a read and look at the pictures then before you buy get a really good surveyor

Ps No one mentioned the one advantage Douglas might have over other areas…proximity to KC’s Mmmmm Pig in the spuds :laughing: