Best font for charts?


So when I want to post some data on a thread I do the following:

I do up the data in Excel 2010, paste it into Word 2010 as a picture, then save it as a separate Png file. I then upload the png file to Imgur. At this stage it goes from perfectly readable to not so much.

Any suggestions on a good font type/size to stop this unreadable problem?

I’ve tried smaller sized fonts, arial, trebuchet, roman, calibri - all seem to not work!


Word? Just do a screenshot from Excel, using Lightshot or whatever.

What operating system are you using?


Windows 7 mostly. Have 10 on my laptop. Never used Lightshot before


Arial or Calibri should be fine. If you have it try lucida grande.

How did you make the PNG of that graph?

There is no anti-aliasing on the font or font smoothing, the reason being is possibly you created a 2 or 4 colour PNG w/transparence because it looks like the pixels using stepped try tone used to smooth around the edge of the font only had one colour to use and that was black, so all pixel that where not transparent became black! :open_mouth:

That’s my guess.


You need to reduce the number of conversion steps by avoiding Word, and if possible upload without resizing.

I use to host screenhots using the “don’t resize my image” option, presumably imgur has a similar option. The only wrinkle is if you’re using a high DPI display the unscaled images can appear quite large to other people when posted in a forum like this.


Cheers all. I’ll test some more later


To Export it directly from excel you can create the following macro to export and save the chart
Change “C:\Folder\ChartName.png” in code below to your folder and filename

Sub Export_chart()
With ActiveChart
ActiveChart.Export “C:\Folder\ChartName.png”
End With
End Sub


You don’t need any exporting at all. Right click the chart in Excel and select ‘Copy’. Go to and hit Ctrl/V to paste (browser-dependent, works in Firefox, Chrome and others). Hit return to upload without resizing. That’s it.


Just don’t use Comic-sans, there’s a good lad.

Arial or Arial Bold would be my choice.


If you’re going to publish to imgur, just copy in excel and paste directly to imgur (ctrl+v)


Why not if you are looking for cool and fancy fonts for your documents than use superscript text at fontvilla. Here you can also find different sizes of fonts you can easily select size of your choice.