Best Mortgage Rate Offers ( SpringSummer09), Please Tell .

Two banks have special funds for FTBs , these are AIB and BoI . Funding choices are limited for other buyers and FTB choices are limited from other banks .

An FTB normally gets a 1 year discount before the pay the real rate . The real mortgage interest rate in Ireland at the top of the boom was about ECB + 1.2% which translates into a rate of 2.2% nowadays with the ECB rate @ 1% .

However banks are now north of ECB+1.5% in the main with some at ECB+2.5%

We would like people currently in the market to tell us

  1. Offered rates and bank
  2. Date of Offer and ECB rate on that date ( all in graphic here and in text elsewhere fixed rate column )
  3. If a discount is offered , what will the rate be after discount ( 1 or 2 year discount )
  4. FTB or STB ( no investment mortgages please , not in this thread anyway )

So your reply post should look like

  1. 2.0% BoA
  2. 24/4/2009 1.25%
  3. 0% Discount
  4. STB

I will summarise a bit once we have some data .