Best places to look for jobs.

Anybody know good places to look for jobs? seems to be the best for IT. seems average for IT. for UK and worldwide jobs.

Where are public sector jobs advertised?

Good luck!

I got my last job through CPL. They were ok, depends on who you get in there. Still, I’m in the job now! is ok as well. has a lot of rubbish, but they’re all real jobs at least. is pretty good for IT/Analyst/Dev jobs, around Dublin anyway

I found my contract dev job there (obviously I bit their hand off when they offered permanency back in June - thanks pin)

I would say the dept of social welfare must be coming down with jobs of every description from admin to IT with the amount of people joining the dole queues (this is not meant as a joke and its definitely no f***ing laughing matter) so if your experience will fit in there I would be having a look to check it out. Best of luck by the way BB.


The reason I ask about the public sector is down to more people being needed in social welfare offices. I reckon it’s better to be behind the counter than in front.

One thing, I’m sure you already know, but I noticed in IT that most jobs were listed multiple times with different agencies. Just something to watch out for. Although it can be interesting to see the different salaries they are advertised at.

aldi but read this thread about the work conditions first: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=17312&hilit=aldi

There’s lots of IT jobs in Canada, which has thus far been relatively unaffected by the credit crunch. Also, it’s relatively easy to get a work visa for Canada, particularly if you’re under 35.

I would agree but you will have to get used to the abuse by those whom feel you aren’t giving them as much money as they feel they are entitled to and those who feel you as a civil servant are a huge part of the financial problems our country faces. I think the civil service are taking on people on a contract basis now.

Best of luck.

Stick with it BB and something will come up. The best people will find work. You should consider targeting companies you’d like to work for directly and cutting out the agencies and websites. The company I’m with spent almost 150k in recruitment fees last year. The intent is not to spend a penny on it this year. Doesn’t mean we won’t hire but we certainly won’t be using agents. The recruitment sites have noticed this trend and have upped their rates for companies advertising directly. In a recession the middle men are too expensive. Target where you want to work and go for it. as well

BB, you are looking for a job in IT, what are your skills (are you a IT support/uat/dba/developer/manager?) you looking for anything?

Maybe you could mail people you used to work with,who have joined other companies, do they know of any roles coming up ?

I sometimes get emails from ex-workmates wondering if I’d be interested in a role in their company.

Hail the Pin,
At Christmas work just got too much, I was getting too many “Great Job” and “Awesome” emails (sarcastic transatlantic f**ankers) and not enough pay for 12 hours. Anyho I quit.
I went through guilt, a little self loathing, tried washing, not washing, even a beard, which I’m keeping. I came across this post and went randomly searching there and then. Did my 2nd interview today and much success.
The job is in the Czech Republic at an Ireland 2011 rate :cry: , but seeing as I can work from home and home is a clapped out villa (38k 3 stories, 15 rooms + basement ) on 1/2 an acre next to a national park with trees and rocks…well I’m happy, not just content but really really happy.
Next worry, does anyone have a good website for Russian tank movements? Survival that’s what it’s all about folks 8DD

Re the above Your local FF constituency clinic