Between a rock and hard place on tax take - Sindo

So the consensus is that taxes will go up for the masses - not directly but by stealth

Tony Foley of DCU looks more realistic is what they will do. Its gonna be stealth taxes on the average joe and jane to pay for the disaster of the bubble.

And Lenihan warns of massive cuts in Health, Education and Welfare … 02009.html

Todays paper has the Recession word printed a few times and they quote Moore McDowell, Jim Power and Alan Ahearne who have stated the country in is recession.

Don’t think i’ve seen the Sindo mentioned the R word so much before if ever.

Stealth taxes? More precisely, it will be Green Taxes. These taxes are actually good for you. Greens constantly talk about these taxes and how good they are. (When they are not talking about big fines and banning stuff.) In fact the more you have pay to the taxman for the basic processes of living - power, transport, waste, water - the better it is.

Green Taxes are a very acceptable way to tax the poor. The poor have such dirty habits, such as driving to work because there is no train, and need to clean up their act by making better lifetsyle choices. For example, they could be unemployed and sit around at home. More and more people with be adopting that particular low carbon lifetstyle in the near future.

Don’t worry, Greens policies will help to clean up the mess. No, not the environment, the property mess.


It’s funny cos it’s true.

And put you in jail if you don’t pay for other peoples’ incompetence.

The only positive about this current Government, it that after it the Greens will, never, ever, ever get it power again !!!

So it’s the poor driving all those €45K SUVs clogging up the road? I learn something new every day.

No, but they are probably more likely to live in a car-dependent suburb or rural area with a long commute to their workplace.

So when a carbon levy of 20 cent goes on a litre to save the world, it’s the little guy screwed over by the Celtic Tiger who pays. Again.

So you propose we just keep spewing out tonnes of carbon per trip, because unwealthy people often live far from their jobs?

Some of them could have chosen to rent in bicycling distance of their work. I know many poor people who do just that.

Many of them just don’t want to make any effort to wean themselves off cars.

And it’s the neuve-riche types who are more likely to be driving such SUVs!

If you ever walk up many of the leafy, well-established D4/D6 roads, the proportion of 10 year-old cars parked in the driveways is higher than you might expect.

You’d do well to cram the commuting populations of Gorey, Arklow, Ashbourne, Mullingar, Navan, Ashbourne, Edenderry, Slane, Dunboyne. Kells etc etc into a 5 mile radius of Dublin city centre.

(Of course, not all these commuters work in Dublin city centre, but a fair proportion of them do).

Find these people accommodation fit to bring up a family within reasonable cycle distance of work, complete with schools and other facilities supporting the population.
Then come back to me.

No one wants to be depleting limited fuel resources, but the thought of the government creating this urban sprawl mess, then taxing the victims of the sprawl, makes me physically sick.

I’m not even getting onto the old people living out the country on a pension who rely on their car to get to the local shop.

It’s all too easy for someone to sit on their high horse / bike and say we should all cycle to work, just because they’re lucky enough to have that option.
Unfortunately, we have people of this mindset in government, and that’s what scares me.