Bidding advice - interested in 2 properties

Have viewed 2 properties recently, both of which we would be happy to buy and live in until we’re carried out in a box. However both my wife and i have a preference for one over the other. Our concern is that if we don’t get our preferred house then the other may be sold before we realise we are unsuccessful on the first house. Any advice?
BTW the houses are with different estate agents.

Bid on both.

wait 12 months and buy both!

Thats considered poor form.

By who?

So it is OK for a seller to play two (or more) buyers off against one another, but not the other way round?

Excuse my language, but when it comes to the biggest purchase of your life, fuck ethics, it’s every man for himself.

Having two properties you are interested in puts you in a great position.

I would let each know you have another house your interested in, and put your best offer to each.

Take it from there.

and what if the offer is accepted on the less preferred house before they hear back on their more preferred house?

i guess this is part of the concern but if they are very happy with either then i suppose it is the right approach.

I was not aware of any ethical code. I would let the EA know it is one of two houses I am bidding on - in the interests of transpency - but screw it - multiple bids are the way forward.

I wouldn’t come out and say you are bidding on two, it should be sufficient to say you have an interest in another property as well.

Let the EA worry about how to spin “interest” to the respective vendor.


Does the same not apply to the biggest sale in your life :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice all, and blackdog thanks for making me laugh.
Will at least let the EA of the preferred house know that we have a strong interest in the other. Strengthens our BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement)

I think it’s perfectly ethical to show to bids. I would say it might be worthwhile to show the preferred house a bid first and give them a short period of time (say 48 hours) to accept while the bid is 100% firm. After this time explain that the bid still stands but they will have to double check with you because you intend on bidding for another house.