Big bucks for Goatstown - 7 Roebuck Park, Goatstown, Dublin 14


Going to call it now - this won’t sell for a cent more €1.2m.


She will be exceedingly luck to break the million euro mark
Having said that I have zero experience of properties in that price bracket


I have lots of experience

The first problem with this price tag is the suburb - it’s a nice boring middle class suburb - but for that money you could have Dublin 2/4/6.

Second problem is the situation of the property - whilst it is advertised as a ‘gated estate’ - but what that means in reality is that for just shy of €1.5m you are sharing the entrance to your house with a block of apartments - fancy apartments - but apartments nonetheless. For this kind of money you expect privacy - you don’t get anything of the sort here.

Third problem is the lack of character - you’re paying for someone else’s style here - style that will, guaranteed, look dated in 20 years. You can get a nice red brick in D4/6 for this money that will never date.

The fourth problem is what you could get for similar in far better suburbs. Here’s an example from Ballsbridge - slightly more expensive - but in this market they would bite your hand off for €1.4m.

Check out this property I found using Daft: