Big Data research centre; Aspirations, no performance metric

Irish Innovation: Bruton launches Big Data research centre; Aspirations, no performance metrics - → … 6984.shtml

Call me cynical, but it sounds like a bunch of academics are going to come up with some pie in the sky recommendations about how some companies should be doing things without taking into account the real world pressure of, you know, having to actually produce something useful.

There are 30 industry partners. Is there a central them to this research, or are they going to get pulled and dragged all over by the wants of 30 partners?

Like quite a bit of research, they may capture the ‘what’, but neglect the ‘so what’ deductions…

Not a striking list of companies with experience in big data and analytics: SAP, IBM, and Oracle all have a strong presence in Ireland and are missing from the list. Google would be another interesting partner, also Amazon but I don’t know if there’s any Amazon operation in Ireland?

Big Data is such wishful thinking it’s not true. I believe we already have a cloud research centre somewhere too?

What Big Data might RTÉ, The Irish Times, Santry Sports Clinic, the and IRFU have. I am quite certain they have a lot of Data, but that is not Big Data. At a push I could see Santry Sports Clinic, the and IRFU wanting ways new to represent data from monitoring an athletes performance. RTÉ and The Irish Times have a lot of articles, but it is not what I consider big data.

Amazon, Google, Apple, IBM, The Revenue, The Health Service, these types of companies/departments have Big Data.

AFAIK there are three major AWS data centres in Dublin (availability zones eu west 1a, 1b, 1c).

Come to think of it, Facebook and LinkedIn have more data than you can shake a suite of analysis tools at.