Big Freeze sees retail sales down 38%: Retail Ireland

With a much greater fall in non-food retailers. On the up side it should mean good sales will be on in the next week. The VAT and excise returns for January will be interesting. Whereas you can still go out and buy that new TV in the next week or so you cannot make up for the lost few pints in the pub because the footpath to the local was a ice rink or take that hotel package break you intended to when you were off work etc. … ?a=2537035

Some shops probably did quite well - I bought everything in the local spar at their ridiculous prices.

Over a pint on Sunday Evening, a few retailers were saying that local’s, stayed local during the chill.

I for one tried to help, new boiler, new TV,2 skip Hires, it goes on, Jaysus, no wonder we’re skint :open_mouth: