Big selling season?

Can anyone tell me if the coming week(after Easter) is traditionally the start of the big selling season or would Sep be bigger than spring.

Just that I hear a lot of people (either direct friends or friends of friends) are putting houses up this coming week so wondering if we will see a glut of houses in the next month coming on the market?

as far as i know, the “selling seasons” of autumn and spring are mainly a Dublin thing… Autumn didn’t happen, but maybe something will happen over the next few months. A fair few places have sold in my local in the last month…

Agree schnackbox, probably a Dublin thing. But for years I remember the property supplements bulking up at spring and autumn. Trying to remember if its just after easter that it takes off (or used to :wink: )Always believed spring to be the bigger one- dont know why but just wondering if the reality of the dip in the market will show in the next few weeks…?

Well if you think about it from the pov of someone with schoolgoing kids this is the best time of year to search for a new home as the odds* are you will move during the summer holidays and you won’t need to change your kids school mid-year.

*In a normal market.