Bill of the Family Cullen loses Renault.

End of road for Bill Cullen’s lucrative Renault tie-up, =Indo

Bill’s losing it.


bill your fired
seen this earlier today in the smallest column ever in the times
surely its a bigger story?
at least he is not ploughing tons of money into a loss making hotel or treasonous FFuckers?
hope he has a good pension.

The thing with bill is he should just head off now and retire and give up the auld codology of entruprenhoorship and the celtic tiger. You gambled Bill with the investment in showrooms and the hotel. You lost. That’s capitalism.

A cynic may say that his ‘encouragement’ of the scrappage scheme may have been driven (no pun intended) by current events.

But of course, not being a cynic, it wouldn’t be up to me to utter such words. :slight_smile:

A lot of glee on Indo shite, I mean site. You’d think he was a Harry Crosbie or McFeely

Bill Culled

I think Bill did himself no favours during his appearance on Primetime, when he did his whole people-shouldn’t-be-waiting-for-someone-to-help-them-they-should-get off-their-arses-and-work-for-nothing-and-be-happy-to-get-the-experience bit.

Wish I had his energy and can do attitude

Is this really a story about renault pulling away or a more useful segway to shine a light on the finanicial position of Cullen?

The reason I say this I am sure i heard an interview 3/4 years ago with Marian Finucane and he was responding to losing excusivity to the Reanult Franchise as Renault looked to restructure things globally and take back the control from regional operators so this has been in the making for some time now.

Did he buy the original franchise for a pound?

Reminds me of someone I was told bought certain B&I lands in Dublin docklands for a pound but since it is pure anecdote I’d be wary of saying anything in case I gave the wrong impresario. :angry:


Over the last number of years Bill Cullen has worked to develop his profile in the Irish media and had become something of a polarising character as a result. While he hasn’t had the ‘whiff of corruption’ around him that lingers with some other high profile individuals in Irish business, his overly and open ‘get off yer ass’ mantra may have alienated a large cohort. (Personally I agree with the “get on your bike” position, but there are more subtle and ‘motivational’ ways of presenting that argument).

Maybe someone decided that in the difficult market that exists in Ireland a ‘Fresh Face’ was required for the brand. That may not be as much a reflection on Mr. Cullen, and as it is a branding/marketing move.

Which leaves some questions, if you’re an entrepreneur with a network of car dealership that have just lost their main dealer status, do you look to pick an alternative sole supplier, do you go ‘multi brand’ or do you exit the market?

Blue Horseshoe

I think he bought a whole bunch of non core businesses from Waterford Crystal for £1, no doubt their debt came as part of the deal.

Yeah that Frontline appearance was a PR disaster. He went through the whole “on yer bike” / “off your ass” thing to young people, while on the same show he applauded the government for their scrappage scheme.

In spite of not really liking him very much I though he was good on ‘The Apprentice’. Wonder if has he other interests to keep him afloat or is he screwed. He’s far from the worst I reckon.

IFAIK he looked to buy one garage off them and was offered the whole lot for a quid, and a shitload of debt.

Kudos to him for that. Shame he turned into such a MSM asshole in the past decade.

I think he also did a bit of property development.

I blame Trump. :slight_smile: … 96777.html

End of the Road.

Ulster Bank … < insert glib line from Reality TV here >

I repeat what I said earlier in this thread about his current predicament and his past vocal ‘encouragement’ of the scrappage scheme.

I’m sure there is no connection whatsoever.

Mr Cullen extended his “thanks and gratitude to his customers, staff and supporters”.

His ‘supporters’ ? The guys a fool, the type of outlying fool that capitalism relies on to sell its bullshit to the masses.

While on the one hand he held members of the younger generation up to ridicule when they complained about lack of Governmental assistance for their plight on the basis of their not getting “off their arses” etc, on the other hand he was making use of whatever personal connections and access to media he had or was afforded with a view to instigating the introduction of a state-sponsored scrappage scheme which would benefit the likes of himself.

In that respect he was a ‘capitalist’ in the truest sense of the word ie a manipulater, chancer and fixer to whom his own rules exist only to apply to others and not himself.

Penny apples me bollix

What i’d like to know is how a guy who counts himself as quite smart ended up with a defined benefit scheme for his employees?

I’d love to see the size of the hole in that fund