Bin Charge Waiver System abolished end June


Urban Low Income households have availed of a waiver ( in the order of €150-200 a year) for many years as their Local Authorities controversially got out of Bin collections some 10 years back and privatised it.

The reason the waiver is going is that rural people pay in full for their bin charges and abolishing the waivers levels up the charges nationally.

At the end of June everyone ( Urban and Rural) is to move to a Pay By Weight charging system and the Bin collection is to split out to a standing charge and collection charge regime nationally, it is a flat rate system in rural areas at present, in the main.

Pay by weight is not as bad as it sounds if you live in a rural area and have space for composting. It will be quite a different situation in urban areas where composting attracts even MORE rats and is easier said than done. Furthermore many apartment blocks do not have space for proper separation either.

But for many poor people this is a stealth tax and the government has not ‘finalised policy’ to ensure that the matter remains uncontroversial until after the election is over…the same way Gormley set up ‘proto’ Irish Water in 2010 and said nothing what with an election coming up. We all know what happened next. :frowning:


Pay by Weight discussed here



I have no problem with pay by weight but it takes** sustained education to make it work**. This has not been undertaken at all. :frowning:

I already compost and have a small wheelie bin set.


Pay by weight is already in place in large parts of Dublin (DLR).


and outside - we’ve had it in Leitrim for last year and a half.


Leitrim has mandatory subscription/registration too, that will be a bit of a shock in Galway where a lot of low income households are on prepaid bags.

Individual councils have been up to 15 years trying to get rid of the waiver system and only central abolition will finally kill it off, but education and free composting bins should be tried early on not at the last bloody minute. I’ll have to dump something foul into county buildings for the publicity one of the days. :smiley:


Yeah mandatory registration with a monthly standing charge of €6.66 regardless of if you ever leave out a bin.


With no competition.


You get issued with all the right bins for that, surely. :slight_smile:


I wrote to Cork City Council last week asking for information on their compost bins now that I must pay by weight for bins. They don’t sell them any more; neither do Cork County Council.

Get one in a garden centre is what I was told…


You need a MINIMUM 100L a year of composting capacity per person (unless you are very very ‘green’ :slight_smile: so a 5 person household with average food waste needs 2 x 300L bins and you have one on take at a time and the other on compost outflow. 2 x 300L bins are around €100 one off, delivered.

In perspective you will shite less than 100L a year. :slight_smile: A single person will never fill a 300L bin unless they are way wasteful or have a massive garden. :slight_smile:


I can get a composting bin but it’s on request. Not sure I use enough to warrant it. What I really need is more frequent recycling bin collection (currently every 2 weeks) as that fills up more quickly than the black bin.

Tempted just to get an in-sink waste disposal thing…


Only ever seen these on tv in america…can you get them here?


You can compost non coated papers and plain cardboard and allegedly some plastics ( I dunno which though) and most nappies once you remove the velcro bits off them. You need the 2 bins though as it takes over 6 months to do a nappy.


Yes you can. They need a decent sized waste pipe but can certainly be put in. We are currently mulling putting one in the new kitchen. The quiet ones (I presume brushless motor) cost a fair bit. The main advantage is that your bins won’t smell since you can throw pretty much anything organic down them.

There is some controversy over whether they’re allowed in new builds but as far as I can tell they are not actually banned. There was a Pin thread on them a year or so ago IIRC.

Edit: link to the ones we’re looking at:


You have just exposed the designed inequity in a weight system or will apartment dwellers who have no recourse to reducing their waste footprint be given “urban-dump” credits against their spatial and horticultural disadvantage? :angry:


Urban apartment dwellers are completely ignored, especially where segregation is not possible in very central apartments with no outside areas.

If one continues to dump as before in an apartment (wet stuff mixed with everything else) then the annual cost of rubbish per 2.5 person apartment will rise to near €1000 per premises in July 2016. End of. This means a whopping rise in service charges for urban apartments starting 2017.

Remember the ‘exemption’ from property tax for ghost estates, feck all people ever got that exemption in the end. Only 6 estates in Galway qualified ( some in part only down the back) . Urban apartment dwellers tend to be dem furriners or non FG/Labour voting to a large extent so the government does not care about them anyway.

Sorry OW. :slight_smile:


So greyhound have announced their charges I see under the new scheme

€3.25 standing charge per week
Black bin at 35c per kilo. Brown at 23c per kilo.

So based on my weights for black/brown in the past 12 months I’m looking at €575 per year…up from €175.

And to think Alan Kelly said people would save money under this new system!

The country went la la over the water charges which were much less than this


When they brought in pay by weight in Leitrim the cost of having my bins collected increased by about 200%. I don’t actually generate very much waste but having to pay the standing charge all year around when I only put out a bin every 4/5 months is the killer.


In leafy D4 we pay Greyhound an all-in charge of €12 per month