Bin Charge Waiver System abolished end June


Biodegradable often does not mean compostable ( it may simply mean that the bag will turn into plastic confetti.) Check with your bin company website. Tesco do sell compostable caddy liners in packs of 30 or 25, can’t remember which. Pricey though. Aldi also sell such liners.


Decision over €160m Cork incinerator deferred for fifth time … ator-cork/


This turned out to be excellent advice. Kitchen waste gets put out more often and overall the brown bin has actually made waste management indoors altogether more pleasant. The same cannot be said for the outdoor brown bin itself which, after a month of experience with it, is as fly-ridden as I expected. Only fruit flies though; it manages to exclude the nastier critters.


Mine is worst around the rim. The problem isn’t the food going in, it’s how it’s emptied on the way out.

I think you can buy wheelie bin liners but haven’t tried them yet. Presumably would close them before putting them out for collection, then the unbroken sac would exit the bin cleanly like an egg from a hen’s cloaca.


I have to take pills for that :cry:


I’d never really thought of the brown bin as a part of a multi-stage digestive system, but now it seems so obvious!


STOP THAT! I’m trying to stop puking and laughing at the same time. :sick: :laughing: :sick: :laughing:

P.S. I thought I’d gotten used to the hi-techification of mundane items, such as how a razor is now a “shaving system”. But while searching for wheelie bin liners I was intrigued by these “Anti Bacterial High Definition Sacks”. Struggling to even guess what it means … can you make microscope slides with them so you can watch the microbes die?

EDIT: It just dawned on me … someone in Tesco (or some computer) misinterpreted the abbreviation HD for heavy duty as high definition.




Sounds like China has had enough of our dumped nappies and other waste contamination:


Another excuse for the operators to jack up charges again no doubt.


21st century problems. the solar powered bin on the street

(apologies this might not be the most appropriate thread and I’m convinced it was discussed on the pin back in 2016)

the old dumb metal bins worked just fine until they were replaced at great expense by the solar powered bins of the type

Just saw one of these smart bins sarcophagus-ed by a black binliner indicating that the bin was out of action possibly the compression mechanism failed and had to be taken out of service… Outside belluci’s there in Ballsbridge across the way from the RDS. the old dumb bins kept working fine.


Originally the company behind those tried to fund them by proposing to put 3G-connected Wi-Fi hotspots in them. I facepalmed hard.


Oh dear, I forgot that they used wifi to let the corpo know the bin was full. were they planning to sell wifi hotspot time to the smartphone addicted pedestrian?

Many of the older metal litter bins that were painted blue had been removed and not replaced, possibly sold on to help pay for the big belly bins


They would use 3G to communicate with the council. They were at one point looking for suckers entrepreneurial companies to pay them to offer Wi-Fi from the bin. Why people with 3G on their phones would choose instead to use a Wi-Fi hotspot that then uses 3G shared with other people is beyond me. It’s the sort of madness that lead to huge amounts of money being spend on shit Wi-Fi on trains and buses.

As usual WWN gets it: Irish Train Breaks Record For Slowest Wifi Connection


Well anticipated by NegativeEquity … got a letter from Panda in the last couple of weeks that China has stopped taking our green waste, citing contamination as a cause. Green bin to be charged per lift and per kilo from April.


So is Pay by Weight being made compulsory across Ireland gone now or what?


No, it’s only a few companies so far


Why the world’s recycling system stopped working - … d6f82e62f8 via @FT
Google the headline if you hit paywall

Time for people to admit recycling isn’t a panacea and stop bleating about greedy operators.

Better to convert to energy in Ireland by incinerating than dump dirty plastic and cardboard in a third world country


The best definition of “Recycling” I’ve come across is polluting slowly instead of fast.

A lot of recycling naturally occurs in industry especially if it’s cost efficient to reclaim the raw materials that way.


To be followed by “the best solution to pollution is dilution”