Binmen & The Flying Fruit-pickers

I saw a comment years ago that alleged one or more of the more Irish waste companies regularly flies in their bin crews from one of the more Eastern European EU member states on a weekly basis.

I have noted since then the very capable and nice fellows who collect the bins on certain routes rarely appear to fall into the category as native born, but that does not prove that they are flown in or not but it raises questions.

I include this as a historical anecdote because there may be a developing scandal whereby Irish companies flying fruit-pickers into the state could utterly up end the entire credibility of the regimes usurpation of constitutional rights and virtual house arrest for the most vulnerable, in a do as we say now, not as we do type affair.

Peadar Tóibín

It has been reported to me that an empty Ryanair flight was sent to Bulgaria & returned home with 187 workers holding letters to pick fruit in North Dublin. Also that the workers had no medical examination or risk assessment when they landed. I have asked the gov to investigate.

It’s a story that’s getting notorious

Is somebody going to ask Harris or Varadkar to explain this?

This is unacceptable when large numbers of people are locked in their homes, while others are not permitted to travel more than 2kms from their place of residence.

It would also suggest one of the following,

A)They know something that the rest of us dont about the true potency of this virus and simply dont view this as a genuine threat to public health

B) They simply value the profit of a fruit company over the health of Irish citizens

C) They value the principle of freedom of movement over the health of Irish citizens.

D) They’re just downright incompetent.

Choose your poison cos its one of the above

It’s all of the above and the fact that they are complete and utter wankers. Simples .

I’ve seen comments on Twitter that you’re racist to complain about this. Aren’t Bulgarians Caucasian? The same race as most Irish? Even if they aren’t we haven’t seen the actual pickers, they could be any race. It doesn’t matter except that because we don’t know the race the objections are not based on race.

The fake left is eating itself. The champagne socialists did a huge amount of work for the neolibs.

Profit motive at work, welcome to capitalism
Ive heard the same issues raised about fruit and veg in the UK
As a young lad i did those types of jobs. They are all gone as the foreign workers work for less than locals can accept. Givernment were also handing out HGV truck work permits to non EU workers until very recently

and we wonder why there’s no inflation?

Some lad on the radio 1 saying the workers are being ‘quarantined for 14 days’. More bs.
He gets pulled on that and then he says he can’t speak for Keelings!

An absolute farce. ‘Skilled’ labour to pick fruit and veg! And 1m people here on welfare.
Workers quitting jobs in newsagents because they get paid more on the Covid dole.

Fek this 2km crap. Time for a trip to the seaside


I grew up in North Dublin and spent a lot of time hanging out in those fruit growing areas - Skerries, Donabate, Rush etc. I can remember special trains full of inner city workers (mainly teenagers) coming out from Amiens Street Station to pick the fruit and veg. This went on until the early to mid-70s as far as I can recall…

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“Stay at home”.

Unless youre travelling Bulgaria.

The workers usually live rather densely packed in local accommodation in one or more north Dublin rural towns. Perfect conditions for disease spread. They are around each other 24/7 at work and at play. Flown in and with daily private coach to and from work everyday.

Imagine if you were an investigative journalist who needed to follow up on this story and visit one of these locations, right now the lock down would prevent you.

Keelings may find their shelf product has become radioactive overnight. Dunnes are a big buyer, least we forget the protest by Dunnes workers regards South Africa produce in the 80s.

Shall we see similar solidarity this time here? :whistle:

Aren’t journalists key workers?

I did not get the memo. If you say so. Ok pinsters you are free to run/fly!!!

Paragraph 9

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There is a case they the locals are more likely to pass it onto the bulgarians as covids cases in bulgaria are much lower. No surprise to anyone who has been to bulgaria. Decades of soviet control and the local cultural norms will do that to you. the buulgarian gov should be up in arms.

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The video on twitter of the flying fruit pickers arriving at Dublin Airport is what a bubble looks like when it pops.


Bulgaria total deaths 40.
In an attempt to be the most outraged people have forgotten to look first.

Na that’s not the point at all at all.

It’s four legs bad two legs good - whose freedom of movement is more free.

This is the same issue Harris and Gov lost the public on a long time ago. Ryanair just delivered a massive dose of fuel to further fame the flames of the bonfire of cognitive dissonance that has further enraged a complaint and lockdown public.

The optics are super bad.

Whats the point of the lockdown if people are arriving in large groups into the country, not practising social distancing etc?

Why is there legislation restricting our movements if this is permitted elsewhere?

Plus are fruit pickers really essential workers ? Could we really not go without strawberries for a season?

Weve been told its akin to war time. Doesnt seem like everybodys on the same side.

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Snap, Crackle and Pop!

Video @ Dublin airport arrivals -