Binmen & The Flying Fruit-pickers


The optics are super bad. 100% agree, but Paddy won’t pick fruit.


Lots of students travel to the USA every year on J1 visas to work construction and many Irish and UK young adults spend a year in Australia working on farms in the outback, so I don’t think it’s that young Irish and UK people are work-shy.


Of course they will. But our system pays them more to do nothing


There is a lot in what you are saying. Anyone entering the country should undergo a NZ or OZ style lockdown for 14 days - we have plenty of hotels empty. Travellers or those paying their wages should pick up the tab.


Exactly. Close the borders quarantine And 100% screening for returning nationals.


At least the Bulgarians are coming from within the EU. You know the block we agreed, or a significant quantity agreed we would allow to share freedom of movement with.

In the face of the barrage of globalism and borderless virtue signalling on media, facebook and twitter we must now insist that borders, sovereignty and democracy are upheld. We have tens of millions of folk in Spain and Italy devastated by this virus and the impacts of the lockdown, on top of the fallout locally.

Enough is enough we have challenges ahead and can no longer afford the drag from the dictates of liberal elites and their agents on the new ‘left’


Not the main point really either. A side point.

However on that point. Some have suggested they would do it for free other recommend hundreds of thousands out of work might be eligible and interested. Others have done some digging in how these jobs might have been advertised.

Others have pointed to online employees anecdotes of an anti Irish and discriminatory management and work environment where if you are not in the foreign worker clique you will not have a good experience or go places.

The optics are horrendously bad politically, cause it has gone viral - all the counter narrative of empty ferries in the media evaporated instantly here and they have lost total control of the narrative and political connections are now under the spot light, people have more time on their hands right now.

It makes total shyte of the social capital.

If the Irish people are begining to wake up and this is the event that brings it home, the straw that broke the camels back, revealing more than sour taste, but am operational contempt of systematic and Institutional betrayal, solld as progressive and essential by successive governments and especially this caretaker one, then things could start to get a little more than interesting.


Well as someone else has said thousands of them do it in Australia so its clearly not the case that they are genetically non predisposed toward picking strawberries.

Im guessing its more to do with wages and relative purchasing power.

Imagine for a moment a world without largescale inward migration. Isnt it likely that wages and accomodation costs (for example) would be much more in tune with each other?

In other words, isnt it likely that either Keelings would be required to increase wages to a point that allowed people put a roof over their heads, or that accomodatiom costs would be forced to track wages such that costs of certain accomodation sectors would be necessarily lowered to a point where a Keelings employee could afford to rent or buy them?

Or more likely, that these scenarios would meet somewhere in the middle by way of the market mechanism?

This episode has highlighted one of the reasons the housing market is such mess in Ireland.


Actually the housing mess is more to do with the importation of high salaried workers rather than the low paid ones, if it was only the low paid that were being imported, it would only be the slumlords who would have benefited.


Well that also.

Same principle applies across the board.


What checks you fn pale faced wnkr…?


Any good-will generated towards Leo and co from Paddy’s Day till now has completely evaporated. Good luck to them getting out of this shitstorm. Where is the opposition now??


The name-calling and personal abuse makes you seem like a 14 year old. (Simon Harris suffers from Crohns Disease. I believe he was hospitalized last year.)


Oh, didn’t realise he had a underlying health issue. Guess we should forgive the incompetence so.


It seems the same argument is brewing in the UK and The Guardian is on the side of the fruit pickers.


When I did a bit of fruit picking back in th 1970s, training took about 30 seconds, and you soon picked it up!


That`s all my 14 year old googling skills could come up with for now on the interweb.

But hey, Harris has Crohns so you know…

Just for perspective, did anyone else see the poor tragic widow on Primetime last night that did not get to say a last farewell to her beloved? Google it and then think of the above reports.

Just think about it for a moment.


Keelings are long time creeps


Surely we have to fly in the imported labour in order to save small businesses so that we can keep flying in the imported labour!