Binmen & The Flying Fruit-pickers


Now you know how the rest of us feel!


“Blame” might have been too strong a word, but I’m not the only one on this thread who’s seeing an inference in that statement.

There’s no mention of a cluster in a Halal processing plan in either of the articles linked to.


It’s astonishing that you can acknowledge the living conditions of migrants yourself…and then jump at someone for pointing to migration as an issue (and not in a hatefilled way at all). Like literally everything other than migration itself is the issue

  • working conditions
  • property
  • institutions
    But not migration itself !


Gardai give final warning to staff at factory where half are infected

"It went very well and there was great co-operation from the company, who have put in place many measures to prevent the spread of the virus.


"There was a Brazilian-born garda who was able to speak to the workers in their native Portuguese and a Polish-born garda who spoke Polish to the Polish workers, as well as a garda born in Slovenia who explained things in Serbian and Italian.

There is more


“Blame” was the wrong word.