Births at highest level for 110 years

Good news for Marc Coleman… … king31.htm

Thats great, now how many were born to Irish parents and how many to people who came here to work? Will all of these children remain in the state or will their parents choose to move elsewhere for better prospects especially when cutbacks start kicking in from employment to social welfare. Also in Marcs scenario for the increase in population will we have enough houses?
Should we build more? Whose gonna pay for them and where are we gonna get the money? :angry:

CSO doesn’t publish this data. Presumably it is collected.

They are however more interested in publishing births within and outside of marraige… :unamused:

Bad news for the kids in question.

Ok kids, today we’re going to learn to spell “Classroom Overcrowding”.


Shhh… I need them to pay my pension when I get old.


If you want them to hang around that long we’re going to have the modify the geography syllabus so it doesn’t mention the existence of any other countries.

And don’t teach history at all.
No Vikings
No Normans
No Cromwell
No Famine
No 1916 rising

Eoghan Harris would be most upset… :laughing:

Increase output, increase the social?

This is reflective of 2007 sentiment - you have to allow for a 9mth lag :angry:

Look, don’t you people realise that demographics is the key to being a wealthy economy?

What we need is massive population growth and a young population then we’ll all be rich.

Marc says its the key to success.

Just look at Africa. Great demographics…

Ahhhh, comparing us with Africa is ridiculous,
Africa is rife with kleptocratic governing elites who bankrupt their nations out of personal greed

wait a minute …

Iceland is the same…

Who was yer man who was always giving out about Irish couples who delay having kids? He’d be delighted with this news.

Comical was on the RTE news saying it was a good problem to have

How is it a problem good or otherwise?

We joke about it but I think most people here grasp the fact that Ireland is a very sparsely populated country.
Growing the population is a good thing.

It would be nice if we could … you know… have things like maternity hospitals, or chalk and blackboards
for the schools, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, getting lots of people knocked up is a start.

One of the few hopes this country has for recovery is somehow managing to grow the population. Kids cause
money to get spent, they cause businesses to exist.

They also grow up and get jobs and pay taxes. Coming from a baby boom generation myself, I’m a little concerned that
there might be a shortage of tax paying worker bees when it comes time for me to kick back learn the banjo and live
on the national dime until the comet comes and takes me to whatever planet I’ll be living out enternity on.

It’s interesting that I’m still even today seeing ads for section 23 properties, even while whatever reliefs and schemes
there were for having kids are being cut.

The day we call a baby boom bad news or a problem is a sad day for the country. If there’s a suggestion that we as a
country can’t afford to have more citizens then we might as well pack it in and hand the deeds over to the IMF.