Is this news?
Also Ripple is hated by Bitcoiners, they call it the bankers crypto :laughing:

Ripple the company is doing pretty well for itself and XRP value will probably grow again overtime.


There are several YouTube channels which predict that Ripple will eventually hit $100 to $1,000 per token. For that to happen would mean Ripple having a larger market cap than the GDP of just about every country on the planet. XD


:confused: The USD is essentially unhackable too; what’s your point? You rail against the banksters, say that blockchain makes for safer financial systems and yet time and again the exchanges steal all the money from their customers with no recourse. Banksters? Coinsters…


There’s no need to keep most of the coins on an exchange. Ledger Nano S is a great device to manage your funds
But personally I trust Binance as much as any bank. They are also extremely cash rich and I’m sure could deal with hacks of 100s of millions of dollars if necessary (but I think they have good security systems in place anyway ).


You don’t need to trust a bank unless you have a non-temporary balance over 100k per account.

There’s even a website disclosing all the times it’s been used. … -201449eu-

(not sure you’re in Ireland, which maybe partially explains why you don’t care about State guarantees)


Good point. Crypto exchanges don’t have the legal guarantees of banks in the EU.
Still as crypto goes Binance for me is a trustworthy operator.


Not every post of mine has to be attacked. It’s only Monday. Binance is a very rich and profitable company, it’s called google, use it.


Google got me this. I use Binance and I also saw how they dealt with hacks and bugs previousy, so yeah I trust them with my crypto. … rn-status/ (200 million profit in last quarter) … o-problems

Found a new home in Malta. … ves-malta/


You know BTC is fucked when you google it and the top news responses are the Daily Express.


I did notice they run an article everyday
The Daily Express knows how to do search engine optimization for certain keywords?

Could you say the same thing about brexit, immigrants or the Royal family ?

CNBC comes up a lot for crypto trading.


If I use something often I can know the ins and outs of it better so yeah it makes it special to me compared to a lot of the other dodgy exchanges in crypto .

Liquidity, customer service, transparency , UI, all much better than the competition at this time.

They don’t publish accounts AFAIK but it’s a simple task to calculate their revenue by tracking the daily volume by the fee and also their ICO listings which they also charge for.
No it doesn’t tell us about their cash burn I believe they are hiring 2000 developers and customer service folks. The CEO is well respected in the industry . Also they are developing a decentralised platform in case the industry switches to them en masse.

We can also see how much their own coin BNB has increased in value over time. That’s pretty transparent. For comparison the other major competitor bitfinex is notorious for printing USDT but providing no audited confirmation of USD funds.


how are they making so much money?
Are charges much higher than banking services?


Whatever about the rest, this bit is made up… … f3040c1eee
“CZ says he plans to double the size of his existing team to 300 in the next three to six months.”


300,2000 it’s only a factor off. :angry: Still I know they are on a big hiring spree.

I don’t know it they charge more than traditional trading platforms or not , they cut their fee after their system went down for a day or two a couple of months ago.

The big trend now is decentralised exchanges something that is quite novel and maybe will move into other areas beyond trading of cryotocurrencies quite quickly. Soon we won’t be able to tell if the exchange is a DEX or not!


vomiting camel chart formation, get involved! … 1dc076ff33 via @FT


Hilarious. I know the square root of SFA about investing, but technical analysis always seemed to me to be a cross between voodoo, numerology and haruspicy. Apparently about a third of equity fund managers use it, which confirms my suspicion that they are as worthwhile as hiring an astrologer. :smiley:


It can giVe you an idea something is about to happen but what will happen and why all remain unknown !


No it can’t. Something is always about to happen, unless nothing does (the whole ‘rangebound’ thing).

edit: except, of course, if it is a self-fulfilling prophecy… :neutral_face:


In the same vein as this internet stuff will never catch on…The Economist lost all credibility with this article . … itcoin-bug

We are even told that cash payments are ‘instant’ and ‘easy’ so why would somebody need a cryptocurrency.

A major challenge is ‘privacy’ and yet whole cryptos exist just to provide private financial transactions. No mention that a crypto holder can hold their funds on their cold wallet or anywhere in the world in an anonymous account.

The old tulip meme pops up, the future is ‘bleak’ for blockchain use as a cryptocurrency and it’s all just a flash in the pan.

Meanwhile buying interest was astronomical and we could easily be shaping up for a blockbuster year.

Don’t get your info from half arsed rubbish such as this. They want people to pay for this ?