And months before he died.
Was the cause released ?
I’m thinking $135m could buy you a lab-grown clone.


BOOM and we’re off to the MOON! :wink:

From€4190 to a peak circa €4900, little dip back and climbing again today -


any reason for the sudden jump? (as if there’s ever a reason).


@shweeney What is actually going on and what may be coming. Also Watch Gold etc. - is first instincts as it’s kind-of breaking news / a sign some have been waiting for or just a blip but I imagine FOMO has similiarly trended up. :wink:



Not sure why they insist on putting these stories in “technology”; any ICO is a financial fraud.


Giant Child Porn Site Is Busted as U.S. Follows Bitcoin Trail


“Our agency’s ability to analyze the blockchain and de-anonymize Bitcoin transactions allowed for the identification of hundreds of predators around the world,”

Yet more people being identified for criminal activity related to Bitcoin. While it’s a time consuming task, it is straight forward to identify who is making Bitcoin transactions. And all of those transactions are permanent.


You have to laugh at those who couldn’t see that a permanent ledger of transactions detailing the movement of currency wouldn’t be tracable. It’s so much a gift for law-enforcement that you’d be tempted to think the whole bitcoin and blockchain thing is a sting.


Which begs the question, why do ransonware criminals insist on bitcoin as payment to release users data?


Perhaps the ransom amount (€500 - €1000) doesn’t warrant the resources to track them down - do many police forces have the ability at scale to do the snooping? If you did find a suspect, he or she might be in Lagos, China, Russia or anywhere else without an extradition treaty?

When you are looking for those who sexually exploit children, then the resources are thankfully there.

Centralised data analytics at EU level might be a better catch all, if they could be fed the data points (i.e. instances of ransoms paid), collate evidence of the crime at scale against an individual and you have someone worth chasing / extraditing but as soon as you score some success the goal posts move - new layers of obfuscation are added to the money trail


Jeeze, you’re starting to sound like one of those lunatic fringe conspiracy theorists. Next you’ll be telling us some outfit like DARPA had something to do with it’s genesis, Satoshi is pure fiction to draw in the cyber nerds (who’ll maintain it blindly) with some enigmatic comic book-esque pulp-fiction backstory and while the shady types, use it to traffic all kinds of illicit things, buy adults, children, babies, organs, drugs, guns, fund terror cells etc. etc assuming, they would not or could not ever be traced… did ya ever think, maybe that was the plan all along. :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: