He he yea… meant to say that, so why did the FBI hackers ask for Bitcoin instead of Monero? :whistle:



Part 2



What Is the ‘Freedom Phone’?

Erik Finman, the self-proclaimed “Bitcoin millionaire,” has launched a new smartphone designed to fight back against Big Tech companies by promoting free speech and security.


A honeypot.


Viral video shows Malaysian police destroying 1,069 bitcoin mining rigs with a steamrolle


They could have made a profit on selling all the GPU cards as these are still in high demand by gamers the world over.


The all look like antminer ASIC boxes.

A dedicated hardware developed specifically mining Bitcoin and have no other purpose in life afaik, the things that cause the lighths to flicker.


OK, I thought that they were just small profile pcs with high end graphics cards.
Still,what a waste!