Bivalent Bugs

I’m not a Doctor but… from October 2022

Yea so I thought I had a specific topic on the bivalent injections back when it was all the rage.

I can’t find it, but look, analogies, I eat them for breakfast and when Dr Varadkar puts his lips to use stand well back, like socially distance by running as far as you can as it’s a matter of life or death.

However, there is something about this, something more and no it’s not the expression of unending implications of unending cataclysmic doom, one can immunise oneself from such madness to at least remain standing to ponder but there is another thing to this, cause the thing about the gut is, it affects your entire being and it actually affects your mind when it goes out of balance you know all about it and it’s primarily related to the gut microbiome health, something like the 800-1200 stains of bacteria that keep you alive.

Maybe @EconomicCrashDummy can give the best opening summary or insight but we are fools if we think we can rationalise events with acknowledging and applying the rulebook of pure evil.

Well there’s a rabbit hole to go down. Jessica Rose is excellent, I have been following her for a long time. She was recently on Dr. Drew, an excellent interview. Well worth watching from everyone. I might post that below. These articles are eventually linking down to some of her analysis, along with Jikkileaks. This stuff is incredible. I’ll say again, my focus when I did this research was just on the outer shell of these nanoparticles. Which was enough to be honest, and it was extremely complex. Never really doing what you wanted it to do, but you would produce your products eventually in some sort of OK yield, far away from purity. Purity would be impossible with these. Just the outer shell. I did not work on the RNA side of things but I did do a year of Biochemistry and also I have done a lot of Biology in my life and even in Chemistry there was plenty of Biochemistry to be done while an undergraduate so I can grasp what they are saying in these threads.

Again, every single aspect of this that I look at, every single one of them has a problem. It’s almost insane that these things have been pushed through. I can’t say that enough. With Thalidomide, there was a potential for 1 problem. The mirror image of the good product was produced at a fraction of a percent. This caused all the damage. I am saying there was potential for 1 problem with the actual chemical. Once it hit the body, as Mike Yeadon points out, there are potential for many problems with babies. Those problems caused by that mirror image of the good product, were only caused on a small number of days through pregnancy, and they had different effects. Days 19 , 20, 21, and a few other days. Each day producing a different problem in the babies it seemed.

Let’s get back to the outer shell. Already with these, because of the basic inability to purify these products, you really don’t know what sort of potential problems could exist. Putting the polyethylene glycol onto the molecules is basically like putting spaghetti on. Of many different lengths. You do not really know what’s happening. There was never meant to be any purity. So, Heisenberg’s Blue crystals of incredibly high purity were never going to happen (breaking bad reference). This would lead to steric issues with whatever you did with these molecules. Steric issues for the next step. So you never knew what problems could arise from this, like when you have a big couch and you are trying to move it upstairs. Problems happen that you cannot envision. Who knows what problems these steric effects would cause in the body.

The other problem that would arise, as is mentioned by Jessica Rose, is the cationic problems. This is a positive charge on the outer shell molecules. You don’t know what this is going to do in experiments, in the next step. If you want to know what problems positive charges can have, stick a battery onto your tongue, or stick a fork into a plug socket (do not do this, I am joking, but this gives you an indication of what affect having big electric charges on molecules might do, especially non-natural ones).

These steric and electronic issues affected every step in the experiments, just of the outer shell that would eventually cover the RNA. God, sometimes I have to pause, and just think about how many problems can arise from this, and it’s just a fraction of the potential problems that could happen once it enters the body. I simply cannot believe that these things have been put into everyone. It’s incredible to me.

Anyway, Jessica is talking about how that cationic charge, might effect the RNA. It could break it up into other products they don’t want. That’s one problem.

She’s also talking about how even when they produce the RNA, that the possibility of this being pure is ridiculous (although the quickly published paper, sponsored by Pfizer, says it’s perfectly pure). Laughable. They were showing this using HPLC. I have used this. It seems ridiculously dubious to me having used this a lot myself that they could purify this perfectly. Then do this on a mass scale?

Let alone the fact that it’s very difficult to make these liposomes. I did it in the lab. Sometimes you make them perfectly but most times you don’t. These are very messy molecules you are putting together to make a liposomal structe throughout your solution (round balls). They are not simple things which work the same every time. Massive things with many atoms that can interfere with each other. That was just for the outer shell. When you mix them with the RNA it again creates problems. Remember, some parts of the molecule like water (hydrophilic) some parts like oil (lipophilic). Other parts could even by hydrophobic. These will not form perfect products every time, especially in big vats. They will not form these round balls throughout your solution. They will form all sorts of other weird structures, someone put some images of these on here a long time ago. It’s not like producing those lovely Blue Crystals of high purity like in Breaking Bad (from a product with very few atoms in it). Who knows what they do once they get into the body. The incredible amount of things they interact with in the body just adds a multitude of problems.

Anyway, I’ll leave it with the above. It’s hard to be completely coherent with this stuff as every avenue I look down or mention has many problems. It’s breathtaking what is happening. It feels like someone in a giant pool hall shooting 1,000 cue balls at 100,000 coloured balls and predicting the outcome.

Think I hijacked this thread without mentioning the bivalent bugs, but maybe someone more on the RNA side of things can comment. But basically, I was pointing out how breaking up the various RNA chains causes new potential products which will do things we can’t know and also, that they have no idea what they are doing with mixing all these products. It’s madness. Let alone the problems with purity.

Ah boll*x now I’ve gone right off my breakfast

I put this in another thread & will repost here as one point he makes is that people with wonderful qualifications and not necessarily any practical experience in those fields are now in positions of power in the hierarchy. Being led by politicians with no practical experience of anything & just doing what they’re told. Look at Coventry & Harris. Although then look at Varadker & Reilly :(.

I absolutely agree that the more you know about lab work, or any topic, the more you realise that the underlying assumptions and potential for artifacts, errors, or unforeseen effects are very much glossed over by people with a superficial knowledge of stuff. But that’s negative naysaying talk and the trend for years has been to do a study, some controls and push it out for publication to get the next big grant. There is no money in replication studies or taking time and being thorough.