Black Friday 27/7. Liveline

As a country ruled, if not driven by sentiment today’s liveline will be hard hearing for Bertie’s team. There is a builder coming on to expose the fact that a lot of lads won’t be going back to work after the builders holidays. I wonder what Bertie’s answer would be on what course of action some of these lads with morgages should take when they find themselves behind and unemployed. You can shout NDP till the cows come home but the break down of the live register figures for Aug/Sept will tell another story. Not wanting to depress people by suggesting Bertie’s highly inappropriate quote becomes reality but I can see a lot of domestic trouble on the cards.

Unemployment is tough, (having been there) and it’s depressing when the weekend holds no value as it’s just another day and the social structure of work is wiped out in the space of a few days. If I had to deal with tight finances, morgage repayments and most importantly, supporting dependants and partner, I’m not sure how I would have managed.

Best of luck to them, but the whole situation makes me sick. I’m not too sure in this consumer driven country how many will have nest eggs. I have very little respect for the way my coutnry is run and what was done with it for the last ten years.

On another note Derek Davis had a good go at one of the Auctioneer’s association for talking up the market last year, yesterday on Radio 1. It’s good to hear people like him and Dobbo getting the truth out there in an unbiased fashion. Can’t wait to see what shite the new lobbist for the CIF (who shall remain namesless) comes out with.

Completely agree. Having seen D Ahern (on Q&A last night) tell all and sundry that there would be one more ECB rise and then in 08 it would head south nearly made my blood boil. Hopefully nobody listens to that muppet. Unfortunately the next 5 years will be more of the same… :cry:

Batt O’Keefe also informed us on the last word yesterday that there will be one more hike before year end but made it sound like it had been put off from June. I find it interesting that all of a sudden the politicians know all about interest rates.

I think he also told us again that interest relief will be increased but the problem with this is that it does nothing for all those investors with loans to service as the foreigners head home and the rental market collapses.

I am just glad that they were voted back into power and Fine Gael are not stuck with this mess.

I’m confussed.

As a geezer who never listens to liveline (thank god!!!), why is the date on this topic 27/7??? Is this a prediction? Or some insider knowledge???

Today’s the 10th!!!

Also, I thought Friday was supposed to be comedy on liveline???

27/7 is the day builders go on holidays…

…or the dole

i shouldn’t be laughing but thatss funny. :laughing:

Turns out they didn’t get around to it anyway. :blush:

They announced the builder would be on at the 12.45 preview but I guess the doomsday police got to them before he could air his views. :wink:

What can we expect on Monday 30th July. Will there be a mass rally to get the foreign builders out of ireland so that the €300/day Irish plumber can still find work?

Maybe the out of work builders will demand that FTB’s go around with a special identification symbol.

If the dentist can quote you lotto numbers, why not the plumber?

The return of daltonr to Irish soil. :cry:

I need a :wail: emoticon.


Quick, someone meet him at the airport and sign him up for a one-bed in Belmayne while he’s still jetlagged! :smiling_imp:

Dentist was free last time I went, maybe we need PRSI plumbers?

That’s what the new NDP is for.

makes ya wonder if the NDP is to keep the construction guys employed or whther the NDp is going to build necessary infastructure.

Ah come on, there’s a massive infrastructure deficit. Necessary isn’t the half of it, necessary and a decade too late would be more like it.

Just on the point about the NDP - when yer man was on questions and answers last night did anyone get the impression that they are going to spend copious amounts on affordable housing?
No Wait that has nothing to do with the NDP :smiley:

Don’t get me wrong, I think there are massive flaws in the NDP for example the Western Rail Corridor and the slow pace of the building of the Atlantic Corridor but it’s absolutely necessary.

Yes I don’t understand why we would even be having such a debate. On account of the surpluses built up in recent years, and as a way of stimulating an economy dealing with the shock of a residential construction slowdown (in a good old fashioned Keynesian way) infrastructure projects must go ahead as planned, if there’s to be any hope for this place.

I concur - I just dont want to see taxes wasted on houses that are going to go down in value anyway!

And thingfish said

Couldnt be THAT bad dude! Where are ya? Although one day a friend of mine was over and the next day he was texting me from the US about how he had the Air Con on FULL and he couldnt keep cool.

Ah the joys of being an illegal in America! :open_mouth: