Black worm like filaments in masks & PCR swabs - Have you seen these videos?



Is this why Anti Parasiticals like HCQ and particularly Ivermectin have effect in treatment?

You come to realise in western practice, parasites of all shapes and sizes are not really well investigate, relegated to to a things of the past in day to day medical care because we’re not suppose to be 3rd world right, so there might be an ingrained bias, were many ailments are priamrlyr or have a deep parasitical component.

Who knows, but we all have parasites to one degree or another, like is a symbiotic festival of comprises is our bodies.

How exactly these video got started I don’t know, perhaps it was visible to the eye, but it’s a thing and there are many videos. From many low to now higher quality videos circulating this appears to be the the latest and probably best quality inspections of mask and these worm like things.

Then you wonder why the anti-parasitics work to treat the Virus, when it could be Trichinosis, caused by the nematode Trichinose, a parasitical worm has some cursory overlap with the symptoms of the “virus”, might be worth investigating.

I’ve seen many of the earlier videos but this one is Prometheus flinch territory, who remembers that scene? :ninja:

Go to 21:15 in the video and it should start approx 21:30


Here is a complication of the various videos that have been appearing online for weeks:


These worm-like filaments, are rightly peculiar and display interesting properties. You should seriously consider the value and quality of the products you interact with in life, on the maro and micro levels.

If you’ve got a microscope check out your skin you’ll be surprised what’s on it you can not see. Children’s ones are fairly powerful these days, handy to have one.

The overall point is the quality of stuff, you can not sanely believe you can convert the world into PPE utopia, it’s a bastion of mad thinking, even though this was raised before the mad thinking that lead to mad dictates and insane law fare against the people, it is clear the Provid Regime do not care 'cause they do magical management of the population. It’s even more powerful than science. It really is.


Some more info on the roundworm. It seems in the area of complications, it has overlap if infestation moves into at least the lungs.


Except in severe cases, complications related to trichinosis are rare. In cases of heavy infestation, larvae can migrate to vital organs, causing potentially dangerous, even fatal, complications, including:

  • Myocarditis — an inflammation of the myocardium, the thick muscular layer of your heart wall

  • Encephalitis — an inflammation of your brain

  • Meningitis — an inflammation of the membranes (meninges) and cerebrospinal fluid surrounding your brain and spinal cord

  • Pneumonia — an inflammation of your lungs

Loads of info on the matter here


PCR Swabs

Yea, forgot these too, urrr…

This video demonstrates the spike coming off and insert into flesh.


Also don’t forget all those early PCR test kits sent en mass IIRC form China, were found by numerous countries to be tainted the virus early on and so utterly useless.


Obviously you need to apply some discernment with videos online, but as indicated, these things are like many other aspects, ten a penny now and a feature of this years phase of the event.

If anyone works in the field and has access to a HQ microscope that can capture live visual feeds, perhaps you could spend a few minutes investigating also with mask and PCR swabs? :ninja:

How can you forget?


High Resolution N.@.N.O-Particle´s


Good find. If not nano particles and nano robots as half the web think, then dehydrated nematodes, might look like this methinks. Sitting on the couch stuffing’ my face with the buttery popcorn.

There biological structure would not be fully apparent sans H20, but as it rehydrates, even partially it starts to move and take form. Some of those shots look like internal digestive type tract stuff but nothing as fluid as nematode videos. For comparison:

However, they still look like peculiar filaments that have some dynamic properties that may simply imitate the simple movement of basic creatures on the mcirscopi scale, and to the untrained eye, they may look fantastical but that sure is another good video.

How much did the HSE purchase form China that time and are we still the best little customers in the world?

Opium Wars - Revenge of the Nano-Things 2021


Looks like the push back is starting!


Might be of relevance.


Another black wormy video - starts at 0:49 - please note: before this time point, the video has serious strobing which might be uncomfortable or have negative effect on you, if you are anyway photosensitive.

Great background music. :icon_cool:


What type and quality of swab has the HSE used and using to carry out the 4,578,830 tests it has undertaken to date?

Dr Peter Moloney Foundation

4 May, 3 tweets, 2 min read

PCR Swab Particles Act As Asbestos in Body

Prof. Antonietta Gatti finds undeclared nano-particles of silver, aluminum, titanium, fiberglass in Biocomma and Manta brand swabs.

Affects mucosal system and results in inflammation, auto-immune compromise.


Summary from Prof. A. Gatti

Medical product safety regulations seem to be suspended/slack with Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). This certainly would not pass FDA nor CE.

Here is BD and Copan’s reasoning for using nylon over traditional cotton swabs.…

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