Blackest Thursday ??

Given that we already have had Black Thursday at the end of September this year,
and Black Monday in September 2008,what shall we call today?

Deepest darkest Thursday?
Definitely the blackest shade of Black Thursday?
So black that we are most certainly in the biggest hole ever Thursday?

We are running out of doom labels. :angry:

Brown Thursday?

Tempest Thursday :smiley:

And coming tomorrow - Firesale Friday

Don’t want to be too gloomy, but how about


brown with orange bits thursday

Well, black is really a shade of purple. So how about Deep Purple thursday?

What about Magnolia Thursday in memory of the Buy-to-Let sector?

Peach Thursday maybe ?

Whats with all the Mad Max posts ? You will be bailed out by either the EU or the IMF . Its only the initials that are different . What difference does it make if Irish bonds rise to 20 % ? The State will still fuction . If FF don’t squander your tax on debt repayments they will only squander it on a quango or 56 .

Its complete political reform that you need . Not how to shoot Deer up in the park or how to stock your bunker . Act and behave like a modern fuctioning democracy . Grow the fuck up .

Man… thats exactly what I was gonna post… scroll down and there it is… lmao

Harsh but true.

Mad Max posts-like it :smiley:

Geek or nerd?

you decide

I think the pin being ahead of the curve as usual has reached panic stage. I expect the country to catch up in three to six months. By that stage the pin will have reached the sullen acceptance stage.

Meanwhile I’m listening to Benjamin Bagby’s absolutely enchanting musical reconstruction of a performance of Beowulf. Great mood music for these times. The Lay of the Last Survivor seems so suitable at the moment. One can just hear the distant footfall of the dark stalking beasts in the gloom of the enveloping forest…

Total absence of light Thursday?

How much more black could this be? And the answer is: none. None more black.

Mostly nerd…but I’m now listening to trance and helping a friend who is musician get up to speed on Ableton Live…

A neek?

Although geeks sound like people with Aspergers…

As black as the ace of spades Thursday.
Someone had a mad max version but it was chopped!

Well, being a nerd, I can immediately point you to this…

And no, most of the nerds I know are pure herd. A smaller, weirder herd, but still herd. Being a contrarian seems to be more of a character defect…

Thursday 11 11 2010 - D-DAY