Blackest Thursday ??

Singularity Thursday.

File under “Geek”.

The nerds I know are the sort of mates who tell me that somebody called “Cattamole” making a nasty tackle for Sunderland the other night has already been booked twice this season. FFS! The only reason I leave the physics books and telescope to meet them down the pub is that someone has to take pity on the poor blighters.

Surely we have to save that one for when all the laws break down? :-GC

It’s Cattermole and he’s been sent off twice. Very lucky not to be 3 times. :wink:

Anyway, what about Shady/Dark/Charcoal Thursday?

Thanks, I obviously slipped up despite my best efforts to commit that to long term memory. :unamused:

I don’t suppose there’s any danger that football will somehow be an, er, “unfortunate” casualty of the recession? :angry:

ummm… why not Black Hole Thursday? You can fall in … but you can never climb out… (and nobody saw it coming…)

or holey thursday, for the old days.

Except it won’t be followed by “Good” Friday.